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This #Frockstar enjoys a home #massage from @HoMedics after a long day #holidaygiftguide

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After a long day of work, I am beat, no matter how comfy my Karina Dresses are. They help me throughout the day simply because they're comfy and gorgeous as you'll see with my new Purple Plaid Penelope dress but it's just so much nicer if someone would just massage my back when I get home.

So I found someone or rather, something that would. My new HoMedics Dual Shiatsu Massage cushion ($99.99) relieves my back tension like no other. It includes 2 different massage styles (kneading for deep massages or spot for focused massages), optional heat, 3 massage zones (full, upper, or lower back), and a removable cover to change massage intensity.

The easy integrated velcro strapping system fit my dining room chair easily and before you knew it, I was playing around with the remote control. The remote is simple and straight forward to operate. You've got your power button, massage zones, a button for the heat, and buttons to adjust the spot massage. Simple enough, right?
Reviewing HoMedics Dual Shiatsu Back Massage cushion #Frockstar #holidaygiftguide
Comfy in my Purple Plaid Penelope dress from Karina Dresses and enjoying my HoMedics back massage after a long day of work.
I felt that with the extra cover, I minimally felt the massage and much preferred to medium intensity without the cover. It doesn't get too intense, I'd say the majority would be able to handle the intensity without the cover without discomfort.

The heat, ah, is a beautiful thing once it heats up. It takes a little while but once it's fired up, it's such a treat along with the massage. My only real issue is that it doesn't massage the upper back and lower neck area. It would have been absolutely amazing if it could have done that since that's where a lot of my back pain is. I also have lower back pain that this does well for but it'd be so much nicer if it went further up.

Overall though, a decent back massage with some minor limitations. The Dual Shiatsu massage cushion is great gift for a loved one for sure. I've had family visiting and they've all been testing it out one after the other!

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