Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Date night with #MyYesDress #Frockstar

Karina Dresses
I'm travelling so much lately so you know what's about to come...another fun filled #KarinaNation post with my favorite travelling buddy, Karina Dresses. We recently returned from a business trip in Minnesota. However, you know we can't just do all business so the SO and I decided we'd have a date night before all the customary business stuff.

I had just the perfect dress for it. You see, when I saw the new limited edition patterns Karina brought in...I knew there was one I had to have, no matter what. I didn't care what style it came in, I just wanted the blue houndstooth. I have a thing for houndstooth patterns! Can't explain it but I even bought a pair of houndstooth patterned flats a couple months back.

Anyhow, so I had my blue houndstooth dress in the Josie long sleeve cut in size X/S with me and wow, is it ever cute! It's designed like a frock, perfect for this #frockstar. It just kind of flows with femininity and they had it in my size! Being a looser fit around the waist, it brings somewhat of a cute, innocent look. It cuts a bit shorter than the usual Karina dresses though at about 2/3rds of the way down the thigh.
My Date in the Twin Cities
Either way, it was just too adorable! Well, add to it that we were tired from a day of travelling and I was feeling silly since they had folded bunny ears in our hotel room. Haha, it was super cute! We decided to order take out from Outback Steakhouse and bring it up to eat in our room instead. Mmm...steak and this "Onion Blossom" thing they had was really surprisingly good. It was a bit too salty for us but interesting. Overall, we had a warm, quiet, and romantic evening...a befitting end to a tiring day!

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Tammi @ My Organized Chaos said...[Reply]

Love the dress, what a fun print!!

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Amanda @ Survival Guide said...[Reply]

Love the towel bunny ears!! haha

Crunchy Frugalista said...[Reply]

That dress looks so great on you.

Sandy a la Mode said...[Reply]

love that dress on you!!

Stevie said...[Reply]

LOVE that dress! It looks gorgeous on you!!

Unknown said...[Reply]

you definitely rocked that dress!

Ellen said...[Reply]

Definitely a cute outfit!

Cheap Is The *New* Classy said...[Reply]

Love that dress!!


Jenn said...[Reply]

Adorable dress!

Lena B said...[Reply]

Nice! And the bunny ears match the dress perfect (HEHE)

Tiffany @ Real Mom Talk said...[Reply]

Cute! I love all the dresses you have shared so far!

jbmthill said...[Reply]

Love the dress! Great colors, sleeve length and neck line. I do not like plunging neck lines. I own one karina dress and absolutely LOVE the fabric. I have traveled with it as well and it goes from suitcase to fabulous very quickly! Great choice for you!

Lisa Ehrman said...[Reply]

This dress has a wonderful print, and a very comfortable style!

Susan Broughton said...[Reply]

I really like this pattern on this dress. It is an unusual on but is really pretty on you!

mindy1414 said...[Reply]

Great choice in the blue houndstooth, looks awesome! Not to mention the bunny ears just made it LOL #Fun #Stylish and #Comfortable - match made in heaven.

mkjmc said...[Reply]

Llooks cute and comfy

Unknown said...[Reply]

The bunny towel ears are too cute and funny! Such a pretty dress too. The colors are so rich.

Elise Stephens said...[Reply]

Super cute and so flattering!

Teslagrl said...[Reply]

It looks great on you! Love the print, too

Amanda said...[Reply]

Love the print and color and it looks cute on you!

Marcie W. said...[Reply]

I am the type that wears neutral colors most of the time, but lately I have had a love affair with royal blue, and this Katrina Dress pulls it off perfectly!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

This dress looks so flattering...nice.

Unknown said...[Reply]

You are what we used to call a "knockout" in that blue houndstooth dress

Unknown said...[Reply]

That dress is great. I really like the blue.

Rebecca B said...[Reply]

What a fun, easy dress.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Cute and fun dress for date night :) and omg that onion blossom looks amazing!

Sarah Coulsey said...[Reply]

The dress is really pretty, and I love date nights!!

Teslagrl said...[Reply]

I love the print on that dress!

Happishopr said...[Reply]

I think the Josie is my favorite dress so far. I love the print and cut!

Natalie Parvis-Nichols said...[Reply]

I love the dress. The tights really go well with it.

Lisa Ehrman said...[Reply]

I love this dress, and the fabric looks soft, comfortable and not clingy :)

Unknown said...[Reply]

I love the blue dress. It looks great on you.

Unknown said...[Reply]

So it IS houndstooth! I was trying to figure that out! Love it!

Unknown said...[Reply]

Love the print and it looks so good one you :)

Unknown said...[Reply]

I really like the pattern and flow of this dress. Very pretty and comfortable.

Dawn said...[Reply]

I like the neck line and the color. I wish it had shorter sleeves though. You look great.

Unknown said...[Reply]

love the dress and the hat too :)

hhkaufman78 said...[Reply]

I love this dress & would pair it with black tights.

Racegirl1022 said...[Reply]

very nice dress and you ROCK it too!

Unknown said...[Reply]

I kept trying to figure out what the little designs were, ha ha!! So cute!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

any chance at date night is bonus in my books :) very pretty dress

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