Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to get rid of unwanted hair -#Tria Part 5

I'm nearing the end of my 6 month journey with Tria Laser. 5 months have quickly gone by in the blink of an eye. I'm still wondering where 2012 went. Of course, I'll find myself halfway through this year before I know it!
How do you think my arms are doing? All gone? Well, here's a quick review of the previous months.
Tria Hair Removal Laser review
The beginning/Month 1
After 3 months of using Tria laser hair removal
Month 3
Month 4's treatment
As promised, I've attempted to focus more on the right arm since it looked a bit neglected. However, despite seeing a reduction in hair regrowth, there's still a decent amount leftover. I'm hesitant as to whether 6 months will really leave me silky smooth. At this point, I feel as though I'll need at least a couple months more of treatment. For not having shaved in a close to 3 weeks, it doesn't look too bad, right? Compared to the beginning when I didn't shave for 3 weeks to get you that beautiful picture, it's much better. See you next month for the last treatment and the giveaway!!
Tria laser treatment results
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Jennifer Comet Wagner said...[Reply]

Interesting. I've been thinking of getting laser hair treatments but not sure if I should do it myself or go somewhere.

Jenn said...[Reply]

I've always thought about laser hair treatments, but it looks as though the home treatment doesn't work quite as well as having someone else do it for you. But then again, I can't afford to have someone do it for me. LOL

Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired said...[Reply]

For not having shaved in 3 weeks it does look pretty good.

Unknown said...[Reply]

For some reason I didnt think it would work. but its okay

CorisCouponCorner said...[Reply]

So excited to see this is working for you. I would love to try it!

Tania B said...[Reply]

See, I know I'm slightly lighter in hair colour and thickness so I'm thinking that for me I may only need the 6 months time frame. Oh, to not have to shave anymore!

Unknown said...[Reply]

i would love to have my own laser treatments from a home unit

sonyamorris (Sonya Morris) said...[Reply]

I think it looks great to not have shaved in so long. Even a major reduction, or slower growth, would seem worth it! I feel like I miss spots all the time when I shave so having less would be nice.

Holly S. said...[Reply]

That's still a pretty big difference from the beginning pics.

hbbs55 said...[Reply]

not bad, I am not sure if I can go without shaving though lol.

Samantha Baker said...[Reply]

I am pretty confident that this is a product that I want to try now.

Mer said...[Reply]

That looks pretty amazing for three weeks of growth. I think it would be almost worth it for that reduction.

Denise Taylor-Dennis said...[Reply]

If I didn't shave for three weeks I would certainly have more hair than that.

Becky said...[Reply]

I wonder if the device will ever have complete results.

Paula V said...[Reply]

Great results. Is it suppose to be when you stop using it will the hair follicles begin to regenerate and allow hair to grow?

buzzd said...[Reply]

wow, I can really tell on the left arm. I wonder why they aren't evenly working? Maybe the hair on the right armpit is stronger. Still it is noticeable improvement.

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