Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Staying #healthy and #positive with #Exercise -A year with #Peloton, is it worth it?

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It has always been a challenge to find time for working out for me, given my full time job, a toddler, and so forth. I went from an exercise junkie -spending 1-3 hours daily at the gym to getting no exercise other than walking the dogs or playing with my kid. Before I knew it, I was aching all over and having troubles carrying my ever growing child. So, it was finally time to change and to go back at it. There are so many systems out there; how does one ever decide? The gym I previously went to had spin bikes. I rarely did those fact, I sucked terribly at them and was never a fan. Yep, if you had to say my husband was going to convince me a Peloton bike was the way to go just over a year ago, I'd tell you you're crazy. Well, a year down the road, I'm thinking it was a pretty good decision. Read on to determine if it's worth it and our coupon code for $100 off your purchase.