Thursday, February 28, 2013

Breaking news: #Disney's #Planes has found a lead voice!

Disney's Planes
Breaking news for fans of Cars! Disney's Planes, spawned by the world of Cars, has found a lead voice actor to play the role of Dusty.

How to treat thinning hair and prevent hair loss with natural supplements US 3/20 #MamaMadness

hair loss treatment, treat thinning hair
With my genetically thin hair and the stress I go through every day, I am always petrified that I'll go bald early. It's in my genes! Then I heard of Viviscal, a supplement that helps you grow your hair, make it healthy and thick. I've never had thick hair in my life. I've always had the problem of flat hair. Makes me wonder what I'd look like with luscious locks.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What to do when your #car gets broken into #Tips

I never thought it would happen to us. Not in our neighborhood...not where we parked. We live in a nice quiet area, which for the past 2.5 years, I had deemed safe. Crime really wasn't an issue here, especially not for us. We even parked in a lot right by the sidewalk and building, where there was lot of foot traffic. Whenever we worked on the car, someone from the apartment building would watch over us, as if we were the suspicious people about to steal our own car. So, we thought, we were safe.

It's #MonstersUniversity!!! #WordlessWednesday

This Wednesday, I'm so happy to present to you a new #MonstersUniversity poster! No one in the world can stop me from watching this movie June 21st! Afterall, I've already been to Monsters U Orientation 101 during Toy Fair!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All things Oz! #DisneyOz #Disney

Oz Great and Powerful, #DisneyOz
Were you following along when my friends went on the #DisneyOzEvent? There's been a lot of buzz about OZ The Great And Powerful, in theaters March 8th. At 127 minutes, this movie directed by Sam Raimi, imagines the origins of L. Frank Baum’s Oz.

Travelling made easy and fashionable with #Powerbag #fashionistaevents #travel #tech #Fashion

Lately, I am finding more and more items that are able to satisfy my techie geek side and my fashionista side. Uh, those words don't belong in the same sentence? They didn't before but they are now!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sneak peak at this year's hottest #toys from #Hasbro #HasbroTF #TFNY #TF13 #ToyFair

Wow. Let me warn you now, Hasbro has a great line of new products coming out this year. You may want to budget yourself less, cut back, work more...since I'm sure you'll want most of these. Or maybe that's just me.
First look at PlayDoh Plus, KRE-O

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Awesome new #toys for #MonstersUniversity and exclusive #Disney #Pixar interviews! #MonstersUToyFair #TF13 #TFNY #ToyFair

Getitng my picture with Sulley after we found the photobooth the next day, #MonstersUToyFair, Monsters University preview
Alright, I'll be I threw on my Vanellope shirt that morning, I had no idea what Disney adventures it would take me on. It must be the Disney magic I so believe in. Fast forward through the rainy morning and the metro ride and I arrived to see a sight for sore eyes...Monsters U campus orientation!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

A #love affair with my new favorite #Trench #fashionistaevents #travel #fashion

Even as I wrote this post, I was on my way to a press event. Too often, when I travel, I find myself frustrated over the lack of pockets in women's fashion. Whether I am traveling locally or flying, I am always fumbling and trying to fit everything in my carry on.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

5 items you need for press events that I always bring #Tips US 3/8

external chargers
When I went to my first conference, I had no idea what I was doing. I tried to read up on tips, which helped, but didn't prepare me 100%. I went to the conference armed with business cards, cell phone which I as a camera, a back-up camera, and my laptop. I definitely underestimated how much I would be using my tech devices. As a techie, I was a total failure. My cell and camera were consistently dying and with back to back events, I couldn't get them charged in time. I didn't have time to go back to my room and find a charger! I needed to be around. LOL, I learnt my lesson though and have come to love external chargers.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's the @Sears All Things #Baby Sale! #spon

I recently welcomed a new nephew into the world! As if just in time, @Sears is having an All Things #Baby Sale! What does that mean? I can grab them great items and not break the bank! This is the perfect opportunity for new parents as well to pick up great products at awesome prices.

Grilling season is here! @Sears is having a #GrillingisHappiness #sale! #spon

Kenmore Grill exclusive to Sears, #GrillingisHappiness
Well, it is warming up outside! Do you know what that means? It's time to start grilling and enjoying the outdoors in your backyard! Sears believes outdoor living is a lifestyle, not just a seasonal must-have. A new patio is made easy with Sears new exclusive lines of patio furniture.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

#MonstersInc., 3D comes out today for ultimate fans!

ultimate collector's edition, #MonstersInc
Always a favorite in my heart, Monsters Inc., 3D has made it's way to my movie collection! I loved it the first time I watched it, when I screened it in 3D, and even more so in 3D at home with loved ones!

Monday, February 18, 2013

10 Tips for Travelling with #Dogs #DogTested 2/24 #spon #pets

So, it's fun and all to have furbabies, but what do you do when you travel? Do you take them with you or do you board them? Leave them with a friend? Do you fly with them? Drive with them? Or do your dogs drive themselves?

Thunder Buddies for Life! US/CAN 03/05 #fashion

apparel from TV shows, movies, games
Have you ever wondered where people got those 1UP Mushroom shirts? I've seen them around but sometimes, it's kind of hard to find where to buy them. TV Store Online actually found me and I had a moment of realization. All those t-shirts that I've always loved from shows, games, and movies were all there!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

#MyUrgentRx Saves the Day! #CBias

2013 New York Toy Fair #TFNY #TF13 #Toyfair
Three days into Toy Fair and I was spent. Long days of commute, full days of walking and talking, and fun toy exhibits were wearing me down. I was tired and my throbbing headache wasn't helping. My back hurt as I had been carrying what felt like rocks for days. Add on to it, it was that time of the month. In short, it sucked and I was in pain. So I bailed out early that day to find myself some pain meds and hopefully, some fast pain relief. Being the Big Apple, you know it's just easy to walk into any convenient Duane Reade since there's so many of them around.

My very own pirate story! US 03/04 #books

I See Me Books review
With all the Peter Pan Diamond Edition talk lately, pirates like Captain Hook are in! Even Paul Collins, the voice of John Darling, loved Captain Hook's character. So, it's only suitable that I got my hands on this adorable personalized pirate story from I See Me. I See Me features a variety of different stories and settings for books, gifts, placemats, and more! What's neat is that you can personalize it all for anyone.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Little Mermaid to be a part of our world again #LittleMermaid #Disney

Little Mermaid, Disney
Under the Sea! Under the Sea! Disney fans, do you know what that means? Yes, you're right! The Little Mermaid is coming back October 1st in high definition. Woot woot! It's the magical fairy tale of every little girl's dream. To experience the beautiful underwater world as a mermaid is so tempting, right?

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friendship is magic! #MyLittlePony

Pinkie Pie Party
Al-right! It's here! My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic -Pinkie Pie Party arrived the other day and I was so happy to see it. In it is the biggest collection of parties in Ponyville and everyone is invited! Exclusively available at Walmart, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Pinkie Pie Party DVD invites fans of My Little Pony for some fun.

5 Tips for a healthier, fitter you #BackPain #Weightloss #fitness #GotYourBack #NYC

Last week, I attended a press event at Peterson Chiropractic's newer location in the Financial District (150 Broadway, Suite 1800, NY, NY 10038). I suffer from lower and upper back pain and was eager to learn more. However, what I ended learning was more than I ever expected and I've come back with some pretty awesome information and tips that'll help you feel better!
NYC Chiropractics, Energy Kitchen

Thursday, February 14, 2013

#DisneyOz Journey to Oz Balloon Tour landing near you! #DisneyOzEvent

Oz Great and Powerful, #DisneyOz
If you've been following the hashtag, #DisneyOzEvent, on twitter, you'll have seen this gorgeous Oz hot air balloon already at the El Capitan Theater yesterday during the premiere!

Happy Valentine's Day! #FlashGiveaway, #WreckItRalph Trading Cards & #Disney's #Paperman short! US 12/15

#Disney Wreck-It Ralph Valentine's Cards
Happy Valentine's Day! So, here's a little something for you and your family! Some fun activities for the kids and some movies! Who'd like to win some free 1 day rentals from Redbox so that you can have a little movie night at home? Easy, two entry methods is all you need to do. Winner will receive 5 coupons!

Private Practice is about to release their 6th and final season DVDs!

Private Practice Season 6
Alright, ever since I saw Kadee Strickland live on The View the other day, I've been wondering about Private Practice. Who's a fan of it? Wow, I didn't even know it had 6 seasons and now I want to watch it bad! The complete 6th season and the series finale is coming out on DVD soon!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

#Frockstar #Adventures -A day in the life of a blogger and 5 #Tips to getting invited to press events #KarinaNation #MyYesDress

Karina Dresses
As a blogger, I'm a member of the press. I pride myself in bringing you the coolest and the latest. I give to you my honest, true, and heartfelt recommendations but what's it like being a blogger? There's a lot of aspects involved, to be honest, and a little difficult to compress it down to size. So, let's talk about press events today.

Forever My Girl WW 02/24

Who's ready to read a new book? This time we're introducing Forever My Girl written by Heidi McLaughlin. In conjunction with this book intro, you'll find a giveaway for a $50 gift card OR $50 Paypal! Just seeing the book title makes me think of love trials, heartbreaks, and hopefully a reunion?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Digging into the mind of Chopped's Ted Allen after The View #TedAllenG2K

The View Studio, Set, #TedAllenG2K
It's been busy new year so far for me. I recently had the pleasure of attending a live taping of ABC's The View for Simply Stacie. I've been to a movie set visit before but it was my first time as live studio audience and being so ridiculously close to the show's hosts. Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sherri Shepherd, and guest co-host, Kadee Strickland (Private Practice) were right in front of me as I enjoyed my 2nd row seats. LOL, those second row seats were also what snagged me great pics of Whoopi's wooden clogs.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Staying healthy with Krill Oil US 2/15 #MissionGiveaway #PayItForward

Mission Giveaway
We did RC toys last week and this week, we're doing something that is related to healthy living. Any of you make New Year's resolutions to become healthier? Well, here's a little help for you and a friend.

How to easily prevent and treat flea and tick infections #dogs #pets #health

flea and tick prevention
Being a pet parent, my heart always dropped when I thought I saw a glimpse of something small and black in between my furbabies fur. I was terrified that they'd get ticks and fleas despite my attempts at timely giving their monthly preventatives. Of course, I'm human too so there were months in which I'd forget to give it on time and would give it late. It's even worse with BabyPom because of his fluffiness. His fluff meant it was so tough for me to check his skin and he loves his walks ever so much. Whoever said Poms were indoor dogs was completely wrong when it comes to BabyPom. Anyhow, I can finally tell you what I've been using on him for the past few months.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

#PInterest Party! Link them up!

pintastic pinning party
Pinterest is always so much fun and a great source of inspiration! So, let's have fun with pins this week. Welcome to our Weekly Pintastic Pinning Party! Each week we'll be hosting a Pinning Party for you to link up your favorite pins, find new pins to re-pin and to find some new pinners to follow.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Who'd like a new Kate Spade? #Sweepstakes US/CAN 2/16 #MadameDealsEvent #BlueRooDeals

Have you been paying attention to the 5 weeks of designer purses giveaway? Each week is a new purse and a new winner! This week features a beautiful Kate Spade New York Berkshire Road Lori Black Handbag (Week 3). This fabulous event is thanks to Madame Deals Media teaming up with Blue Kangaroo.

Clickity Click! Canon Powershot #Sweepstakes! 2/23

I love taking pictures and it's always great to have a good camera too. So, are you ready to win one? This particular giveaway is sponsored by DramaFever Latino. Watch TV and learn a different language!

Brr...It's Cold! Weekend #Activities & #Free #printable #Disney #Valentine's Cards! #PeterPanDiamond

Peter pan Fort #PeterPanDiamond
Brr, we're getting a storm in the Northeast and many of us are stuck at home. Not to fret, we've got just the thing to keep the kids busy this weekend whether you're in the cold or not. First, let's start with building a Peter Pan Fort! All you need is some old wood and cardboard boxes! So cool, I have a ton of boxes from review items. I could definitely make one of these. Let's escape the cold and go to Never Land.

An appointment with John Darling (Paul Collins) #PeterPanDiamond

I had the utmost honor the other night of interviewing one of the characters from Disney's classic, Peter Pan! Disney just released Peter Pan Diamond edition February 5th. The day before the release, I was graced by the presence of Mr. and Mrs. John Darling, otherwise known as Paul and Ellen Collins. What really tickled me was their friendly and personable nature. Ellen had told me as she woke up that morning, she said, "Oh, I'm Mrs. John Darling today." Isn't that just absolutely adorable?

Friday, February 8, 2013

We're on TV! #BlogPaws on Who Let the Dogs Out! #TillmanTV

Remember the first conference I went to, ever? That was Blogpaws last year in Salt Lake City. I knew "Who Let The Dogs Out" was filming an episode for Season 2 then. That episode finally aired today! On it were some of the buddies we met last year and of course, some of our favorite athletic dogs, Tillman and Norman the Scooter Dog!

Flying Slug fighters? What? #Slugterra!

Disney's Slugterra
LOL, I just watched this clip of Slugterra. Little cute slugs that when shot are used to battle? At least that's what I got from it. Sounds interesting though, right? Any Slugterrra fans out there who can't wait to get their hands on Slugterra: Return of the Shane Gang? It's about to arrive Feb 12 on DVD.

How the babies took control...#SubaruBP #spon #pets #dogs

Paco, Subaru Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™, #SubaruBP
You know, the SO and I had an interesting conversation the other day. I was telling him how I had to uphold my principles or people would walk all over me. He gave me a look and said, "No one walks over you." Then, we both turned, looked at JR, and said, "Actually, they walk all over you." Isn't that the truth? When we first got the babies, we were more strict about what they could and couldn't do. Now, they do whatever they want, when they want. Honestly, they've become so integrated in our lives that you have to ask, "Who's the master?"

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Following the Yellow Brick Road #DisneyOz

Oz Great and Powerful, #DisneyOz
Did you ever wish you could follow the yellow brick road with Dorothy? I've got a little Disney magic to get us there. Are you ready for Chrome's latest project?

Think happy thoughts and soar with #PeterPan again! #PeterPanDiamond

Peter Pan
I remember watching Peter Pan as a kid and quite honestly, haven't seen it since. I recall the characters but the flying was always my favorite part. I remember wishing and probably trying to think happy thoughts to attempt to magically fly. Too bad I was just missing some pixie dust!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to get rid of unwanted hair -#TriaBeauty Part 6 US/CAN 2/22

Wow, can you believe how fast time has gone by? Not long ago, I had never been to a conference. Fast forward 6 months and I had already attended 3 and becoming a seasoned pro! There is so much to be said about conferences and I've enjoyed myself fully at every single one. Funny how time has gone by so quickly. It's already the end of my 6 month journey with Tria Laser. Of course, for you though, this may be my best post yet because besides finding out my final results, you also get to enter to win a $395 Tria Laser of your own!

Caught the #LoveBug? #Valentines #Petsmart #pets #dogs

JR & BabyPom: It's almost Valentine's Day! It's here in just a little over a week. Are you ready? Mommy says we've got the "love bug". Is it because we wouldn't let her take proper pictures of our new toys? We really jumped at the new toys from PetSmart's Valentine's line.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The #Muppets...Again! #Disney

The Muppets...Again!
© 2013 Disney
I only very recently watched "The Muppets" over Christmas holidays as I took a 20+ hour trans-Pacific flight. I was on a Disney trip and my flight had a huge assortment of Disney films to my delight. I'd watch one after the other and well, The Muppets was one of them! What a fun filled movie. Who doesn't know Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggie?

How to find the second star to the right and more fun activities! #PeterPanDiamond

Have you ever tried searching for that second star to the right? You know the one that you fly straight on 'til morning' to get to Never Land? Well, now you have a little help from NASA!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Have you ever wanted a RC Helicopter? I did! Still do...US 02/08 #MissionGiveaway #PayItForward #Toys

Mission Giveaway
I'm so excited about this week's Mission Giveaway especially since I love my games and toys. I have always wanted one of these RC helicopters. Haven't you? If not, I'm sure your kids would love one of them. I had RC cars before, ranging from the big ones to the palm sized ones. Man, that was fun times! Never had a RC (remote controlled, if you're wondering) heli before though. Well, my excitment is obvious but I won't hold you any longer. Take a look yourself.

Missed the #Disney #Superbowl Commercials? I've got them right here! #DisneyOz #LoneRanger #IronMan3 #SB47

Oz Great and Powerful, #DisneyOz
How was last night? Did you watch the Superbowl? Did your team win? Did you even watch? Remember the Disney Superbowl commercials and spots I said were going to air? I have the full clips now and well, let's just say, they're pretty amazing!

Enjoy #PeterPan Never Grown Up Games! #PeterPanDiamond

Do you know what's coming out in Diamond Edition February 5th? What gave it away? The picture? No! Well, I sure hope your recognized the picture of Peter, Wendy, Tink, John and Michael flying in the sky! Ah, the joys of never growing old, right? Revisit the past and relish in the joys of Neverland with these Peter Pan's Never Grown Up Games!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

10 Reasons why I love #CBias #LuvSoFab

As a blogger, one of the companies I work for is SoFab (otherwise known as Social Fabric, a part of Collective Bias). In the almost 1.5 years that I've been with them, I have realized it is a group other bloggers and I love working with.

#Valentines #Gifts for the 4-legged friends! #pets #dogs

JR & BabyPom: BOL! And...your cute and cuddly 4-legged friends are back with our latest post. You know mommy and her friends wouldn't leave us out for Valentine's Day! Are you ready for all the fun toys they sent us?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cute #ValentinesDay #Gift Idea for #Couples! #fashion

Valentine's Day is coming up but for me, February is a big month! The SO's birthday, Valentine's Day, and our anniversary! We tend to celebrate Valentine's Day and our anniversary at the same time since they're so close together. This Valentine's Day, I was able to secure the cutest Valentine's gift ever from CafePress!

Are you ready for the #PuppyBowl this #SuperBowl Sunday? #SubaruBP #spon

Toby, Subaru Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ Puppy Bowl,  #SubaruBP, #PuppyBowl
Who's ready for the #SuperBowl? Now, here's a super important, fluffy and cuddly question...Who's ready for the Puppy Bowl? *Waves Hand* Me, Me, Me!! Sure, I'm all into the fun commercials and all of the SuperBowl but you know me and my love for my canine friends! Have you already seen the puppies predicting the Super Bowl? Too cute, right? I can't wait to see the cuteness of the #PuppyBowl IX this year. Actually, I think BabyPom and JR would fit in perfectly too.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Wish #DisneyJunior's Jake Happy Birthday on TV! #NeverlandPirates

Disney Junior
Are you a Jake and the Never Land Pirates fan? Well, then you must know Jake's birthday is coming up! Want to wish Jake Happy Birthday and be on air? I'll tell you how!