Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Caught the #LoveBug? #Valentines #Petsmart #pets #dogs

JR & BabyPom: It's almost Valentine's Day! It's here in just a little over a week. Are you ready? Mommy says we've got the "love bug". Is it because we wouldn't let her take proper pictures of our new toys? We really jumped at the new toys from PetSmart's Valentine's line.

BabyPom: Or maybe it's because there'll all bug-themed toys? There's a Purple Caterpillar, a Pet Ball Body with heart, and another little bug! They're all super soft and cuddly and have squeakers in them too. We can't resist those!
PetSmart Valentine's toys review
JR: We wouldn't even let mom take the tags off before stealing them away! It must be the colors. It took 150% of my effort to hold still so that mommy could take that one picture for us! Maybe we really did catch the love bug!
Valentine's clothing for dogs
BabyPom: I like the toys and all but I got myself a new heart tee! What do you think? It's a perfect fit and I love the stretch of the fabric.

JR: I love the toys. They're just at the size where they're great for carrying around when I wreck havoc, I mean, exercise around the apartment. I'm going to have to convince Mommy to give them back to me once she's taken off the tags.

JR and BabyPom: By the way, all of these are part of PetSmart's Luv-A-Pet line which means 10% of the proceeds go towards homeless pets! Paws up for that! See you next time.

Paws out,
JR and Baby Pom

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