Monday, February 4, 2013

Enjoy #PeterPan Never Grown Up Games! #PeterPanDiamond

Do you know what's coming out in Diamond Edition February 5th? What gave it away? The picture? No! Well, I sure hope your recognized the picture of Peter, Wendy, Tink, John and Michael flying in the sky! Ah, the joys of never growing old, right? Revisit the past and relish in the joys of Neverland with these Peter Pan's Never Grown Up Games!

Well, let's see, I would say I will never grow up in certain aspects of my life. Wanna know where? No matter my age, I will always love games. I will always love animated films and cartoons. I will always love to play. I will always love ice cream. I will always enjoy receiving love from my parents. I will always love adventure. I will always believe in the magic of Disney. Need some tips on How To Never Grow Up? Here are 19 from Disney classics!
I've actually got a few of my favorite clips from the movie to share with you as well. Watching these clips always puts a smile on my face. How can you not smile as you watch the Lost Boys go off on an adventure with Michael and John. I've always loved the way the croc's eyes twitched in rhythm with the clock! Oh, and the epic fight between Peter and Captain Hook. The adventure, the fun, how can you resist it?

March of the Lost Boys
Captain Hook and Tic Toc
Peter Fights Hook
Click the image to download a variety of fun and games including Pirate Puzzles, Connect the Dots Darling Star Gazer and Never Land Fun & Games.
Download Peter Pan Never Grow Up Games
Who was your favorite character in Peter Pan? I'll reveal mine in the review coming soon!

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