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10 Tips for Travelling with #Dogs #DogTested 2/24 #spon #pets

So, it's fun and all to have furbabies, but what do you do when you travel? Do you take them with you or do you board them? Leave them with a friend? Do you fly with them? Drive with them? Or do your dogs drive themselves?

I've travelled with both my furbabies on public transport, airplanes, and in cars. We've done anything from just a quick trip to Central Park to flying across the country. Of course, we've also boarded them before. I'm not sure if it's just me but we do love bringing them everywhere. It definitely is nicer that they're small and can fit easily. I can imagine the difficulties of travelling with larger dogs such as Great Danes. Can you imagine trying to fit them into the back of your car?
Well, we always bring the fur babies on our drives and they love it. They sit upright, just like a copilot and stare outside. It's the cutest thing. I made JR her very own Driver's License using Subaru's facebook app. This app is so cute, you can create a doggy driver's license, matchmake Subaru's to your dogs (It said BabyPom would be great with an Imprezza), and more!
Driver's Licenses for Dogs
Here are 10 tips for travelling with dogs:
1) First, decide whether it is appropriate for them to come along with you. If not, then I would recommend boarding them.

2) Are you travelling by car or plane? Driving yourself is obviously the easier choice if you have the time and more comfortable for your dog because you can stop and let them out to stretch and go on bathroom breaks every so often.

If you're flying, check the airline restrictions. Most planes will allow in cabin pets should they and the carrier combined be under 25lbs. Otherwise, they are considered cargo and will fly in a crate underneath the passenger cabin. It is cold under there so if you are planning on travelling with your dog in the cargo area, make sure to include some blankets and a couple toys in the crate so that they can snuggle and be a bit more at ease.

In cabin travelling can be a bit tricky. Pets are typically not allowed to stick their head out of the carrier. They must remain zipped in at all times. This was never a problem for JR as she sleeps the whole flight. BabyPom though, will have none of it. He's become quite the escape artist by now. There are various tranquilizing treats out there that you can try to give your dog half hour before the flight takes off to calm and relax your dog. My vet has also recommended anti-histamines for a drowsy effect but you should always consult your vet for appropriate dosages before giving anything to your dog.

3) Get your pet used to their carrier before travelling. If it's a new carrier, give them a couple weeks to get used to it. Trust me, travelling can be very stressful for the four legged animals and it's not going to help if they're placed in a carrier they're not used to.

4) Bring your vaccination and medical history records! You will not be able to cross customs and borders without proof of rabies vaccinations.

5) Essential items to pack
-Crate or kennel
-Collapsable water/food bowls along with dog food and water
-Blankets and a couple toys
-Doggy poop bags
-Any medications that they may need
-Vaccination and medical records
-Pee pee pads for when you can't get them outside to relieve themselves
6) Keep the collar on them with their tags. The tags I have on my babies include their rabies tag, their name and contact info tag and even a QR code tag. If they run off or get lost and someone finds them, all they have to do is scan the QR code and my information will pop up so that they can call and return my babies to me. Of course, they're also both microchipped so I'm doubly insured for their safety.

7) If you're flying, I always recommend taking them on a long walk before you head to the airport to give them their exercise and tire them out so that they'll be better behaved on the flight.

8) At the airport, I'll also let them relieve themselves on the appropriately marked areas after checking in so that they don't have to hold it in, especially on the long flights.

9) The first thing I do after we land is to offer a pee pee pad to see if they need to go. Or when the SO is waiting for our baggage, I'll take them out to the dog areas outside the airport.

10) Have you planned ahead to where you're staying? Are they pet friendly?

You're all set! Did you think of anything I missed? Tell me in the comments below. As a bonus for following along with us, we are having a group giveaway. You could win a $300 or $150 Visa gift card! Enter from Feb 18 12AM ET to Feb 24 11:59PM EST. Good luck! Please take the time to enter my other giveaways while you're here.
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