Sunday, February 3, 2013

10 Reasons why I love #CBias #LuvSoFab

As a blogger, one of the companies I work for is SoFab (otherwise known as Social Fabric, a part of Collective Bias). In the almost 1.5 years that I've been with them, I have realized it is a group other bloggers and I love working with.

Here are my top reasons in no particular order for loving #CBias:
10) Fun shops that allow us to express our opinions in our own ways.
9) Shops that allow us to work with numerous brands.
8) Fun twitter parties and pinterest parties!
7) Great paying shops that appreciate our time and efforts.
6) Honest tips that help us improve our blogging platforms.
5) Caring campaign leaders
4) Campaign leaders who respond to emails! You have no idea how nice it is when people actually respond to emails. It's a minor pet peeve of mine when PR reps contact you and then you respond to them, only to get ignored. Why did you contact me in the first place if you're not going to respond and send me the same pitch 2 days later?
3) A company that cares! I was so impressed with the extra efforts CBias goes through to show their bloggers that they care.
2) A great network of supportive bloggers.
1) Did I mention great people and a fun place to work for?

Here's to more great times with our SoFab friends! If you're looking for a good company to work for, be compensated fairly, and gain a wonderful network of supportive people, I recommend Collective Bias. Check out my #CBias adventures!

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