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#MyUrgentRx Saves the Day! #CBias

2013 New York Toy Fair #TFNY #TF13 #Toyfair
Three days into Toy Fair and I was spent. Long days of commute, full days of walking and talking, and fun toy exhibits were wearing me down. I was tired and my throbbing headache wasn't helping. My back hurt as I had been carrying what felt like rocks for days. Add on to it, it was that time of the month. In short, it sucked and I was in pain. So I bailed out early that day to find myself some pain meds and hopefully, some fast pain relief. Being the Big Apple, you know it's just easy to walk into any convenient Duane Reade since there's so many of them around.

Close to the conference center was where I found my Duane Reade, in the heart of the city, with a beautiiful backdrop.
Duane Reade
As I searched for pain relief for such a random occasion, I really didn't want to buy a full bottle. Luckily, I found UrgentRx, Aspirin to go. They came in these little plastic child-proof safe packages on the swivel stand by the checkout line. To open the package, you actually have to fold along the dotted line and then rip where the slit is. At a nice, convenient, travel size, they make for great on-the-go medicine.

Heart health is really such an important thing. Having always been surrounded by health care workers, I have seen an ambundance of heart disease. Day in and day out, I see those affected by chest pain, sometimes the real deal...sometimes a copycat. With the increasing abdominal girths, heart disease is only becoming more predominant. Those affected by coronary artery disease typically take 81mg of aspirin a day amongst other medications. The purpose is to help prevent clots, therefore preventing the plugging up of the arteries and resultant, heart attack.
Flavored, powder, pain meds, UrgentRx Aspirin To-Go products, #MyUrgentRxUrgentRx Aspirin To-Go products, #MyUrgentRx
I noticed there was the Critical Care Aspirin, which may actually come in handy during a heart attack. I had read a story in which Critical Care Aspirin was used as heart attack first aid for someone. It helped to decrease further clots from forming and increasing the window time for them to get to the hospital for treatment. It's great if it's able to help someone and even better if it is able to increase that window time for appropriate treatment.

I've actually never tried powdered medications before and it really is the first time I've seen it. With the powdered medication, no water is needed and it also means that it is fast-acting medication. Translate that as it would be great to use when you really need it to work fast, as in emergencies. However, too much aspirin may lead to stomach ulcers or inflammation of the stomach lining so use in moderation.
Reasonably priced rapid action pain relief
Besides Critical Care Aspirin, UrgentRx also makes Head Ache Relief, Heart Burn Relief, Allergy Attack Relief, Upset Stomach Relief, and Ache and Pain Relief packets. What I found neat was that they came in different flavors too! All so reasonably priced and great to stash in my purse for when I really need it the most! #MyUrgentRx really saved the day and well, it also helped me find the best Valentine's gift the SO could ask for too.
A happy ending for both of us, pain relief, #MyUrgentRx
Take a look at my complete trip to Duane Reade.

What do you think would come in handy from the UrgentRx line?

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