Friday, February 8, 2013

We're on TV! #BlogPaws on Who Let the Dogs Out! #TillmanTV

Remember the first conference I went to, ever? That was Blogpaws last year in Salt Lake City. I knew "Who Let The Dogs Out" was filming an episode for Season 2 then. That episode finally aired today! On it were some of the buddies we met last year and of course, some of our favorite athletic dogs, Tillman and Norman the Scooter Dog!

Did you check out the episode on the Hallmark Channel?
#BabyPom at #BlogPaws last year winning a #Tillman Skateboard
Baby Pom won a Tillman skateboard last year. We never got the wheels so we still have to find wheels so that BabyPom and JR can cruise around like Tillman.
In general, I love Who Let The Dogs Out, well simply because I love dogs! Reality TV + talented furbabies = A good show! It's fun watching their adventures and stunts. Plus, after having met both Tillman and Norman, and even an extensive interview with Norman the Scooter Dog, we kind of feel a love connection with these two stars.
Interview with Norman the Scooter Dog
I only heard of BlogPaws last year. I loved how newbie friendly it was and how diverse the pets that attended where. As far as the show goes, I enjoyed the interviews with some of the BlogPaws bloggers, especially since I had met some of them during BlogPaws. I also saw the opening with The Natural Balance team. Yes, that was me in the sidelines anxiously awaiting to see Tillman, Norman, Rose, and everyone else!

At BlogPaws 2013, I would love to learn more about emergency situations with dogs and simple tricks and treatments we can do to deal with those situations. I would also love to learn more about how to use my social media networks to improve traffic.

Want to know what others love about BlogPaws and Who Let the Dogs Out?

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