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#BlogPaws -The Fluffy Experience #BlogPawsQuotes #DogsRule

It's over already? Awwwww! So sad that it's already over and I can't see the fluffy ones anymore. BlogPaws helped me grow my connections, my friendships, and most importantly, it has had profound effects on the future of WOS and my own personal capabilities. Hell, I hope you guys will continue to be friends with us. :) Perhaps, the most important person who started this was Felissa from Two Little Cavaliers. Had she not told me about BlogPaws, I wouldn't have been dead set on going and entering all those giveaways that got Chloe to notice WOS. LOL, one thing led to another and viola, your personal Attendee Repawter had arrived at her very first conference with #BabyPom in tow.
Making Honor Flags for Pets Over the Rainbow Bridge
Honor Flags in the making for pets over the Rainbow Bridge
I finally met with Jodi from Kol's Notes, Pam from Pet Blogs United, Pepper Pom and his mommy, CJ & Jasmine and so many more bloggers that I interacted with prior to the conference. Finding them at the conference was tough though without the trademark buddy at their sides! Haha! Teri (Curlz and Swirlz) was easy to find with her "Pink Catillac"...you'll have to take a look at the pics! Besides all of these bloggers, we met a ton of new bloggers and organizations too like Wyatt the gorgeous German Shepherd from Tripawds, Hope for Paws and so many more! It was so much fun and I'm sorry if I've missed you. I know there was a lot of people I wanted to list!
Pink CatillacKendall wins a basketSebastian rocks his braceletsBrutus, a Great DaneZoecute dogsWyatt from Tripawds
The sessions were amazing! I was sad that I couldn't attend all of the ones I wanted to. There was a lot of sessions in each time slot that I had wanted to go to...decisions! I had intended on going to all the vet sessions on Saturday so I could learn more about my babies' health but well, things happened and I ended up networking and organizing instead. Haha, it just goes to show no matter the amount of planning you do ahead of time, it's really hard to get things down perfectly during conferences. Just go with the flow and you'll enjoy it a lot more. I was able to get something out of the sessions that I did attend. Sure, there was stuff I already knew but there was also tidbits of info that I found I could use. There was something for everyone. Were you in a session? Help me out, tweet out your quotes with #BlogPawsQuotes so the BlogPaws team can get a feel of what you thought about the sessions.
Baby Pom posing with the win!
The sponsors...LOL, what fun! This is where I developed great connections. These people are great to chat with and what's better, they're all animal lovers! Baby Pom and I were so glad to meet every one of you and I'm sure JR will be even happier that we get to work with you in the near future. She felt a bit left out since she had to stay at home! I did get a pic of them on the Tillman skateboard we won from Natural Balance though. Ha!
JR skateboardingBabyPom skateboarding
Overall, BlogPaws 2012 was spectacular. I learnt first and foremost that BlogPaws is a social media company (*winks* at Yvonne) that also happens to host a pawsome conference once a year. The food was good and there was always snacks in between. Throughout the hotel, there'd also be water bowls for your furry friends so that they could also stay hydrated. People were so friendly; it made things easy, even on a newbie like me! BlogPaws is a great conference to be at because well, you can bring your best friend with you and no one's going to give a hoot. You still learn about social media as you would at other conferences. The main difference besides the pet-friendliness would be that the sponsors are pretty much all pet-oriented.

Missed something? Check out the #BlogPawsQuotes hashtag, facebook through both Blogpaws and my pagetwitter with the #BlogPawsQuotes hashtag, and on Pinterest in my board and Blogpaws for what I've posted to date. Have you heard? BlogPaws 2013 will be back in Vienna, VA May 16-18, 2013! Now, who wants to sponsor me so this time, I can bring both JR and BabyPom and let them both in on this awesome experience? Do it! :) In the meantime, we'll leave you with some pics of the Red Carpet Experience for the very first BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Awards.
BabyPom on redcarpetDoodie Pack, Wendy Diamond, Carol Bryantyummy appetizers
P.S. I met a bunch of Pedigree sponsored bloggers during BlogPaws and they're working towards a great cause. You can help out! It's real easy. All you have to do is mention Pedigree's commitment to adoption & finding shelter dogs loving homes. In return for each of your posts, Pedigree will donate a 17lb bag of Pedigree Dry Dog Food to a shelter. You'd be helping to feed a lot of hungry dogs. Link up your post here so that it counts! You don't even have to be a pet blog to help out!
Write a post, help a dog
Disclaimer: BlogPaws provided me with my flight, hotel, and conference pass to attend the event. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. Please view my full disclosure, TOS, and privacy policy. Please take the time to enter my other giveaways while you're here.

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Clever Housewife said...[Reply]

This looks like such fun for the humans and the pets!

Erika said...[Reply]

What an awesome event!

Actingbalanced said...[Reply]

Looks like you had a blast and learned a lot!

To Dog With Love said...[Reply]

Great to meet you and Baby Pom! Wish we'd had more time to chat!
Diane and Cosmo Havanese

Emily Reviews said...[Reply]

Wow I had no idea that people could bring other pets like ferrets too. I thought this event was just for dogs. I want to find an event to bring my hedgehog too, lol. :)

nyctalon said...[Reply]

Wow! Looks like you had loads of fun- those dogs are super adorable! What a great event for pet owners/lovers :)

Cinny said...[Reply]

@Emily Reviews, I'm sure you could bring your hedgehog to this too! haha, that's the beauty of it. There were Capybara, ferret, rabbit owners there too. I never even knew what a Capybara was before this conference. Haha!

Suburban Style Challenge said...[Reply]

Wow! This looks like it was SUCH a fun event! I'm a dog-lover (and dog mom) and never heard of this... but boy am I jealous that you got to go! Thanks for posting about it, as well as the Pedigree generosity :) Loved the pics!

Tiffany C. said...[Reply]

This is the coolest thing ever. Really makes me want a dog.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...[Reply]

I love the pictures so much! What a cool event!!!

Unknown said...[Reply]

A conference for pet bloggers...pawesome is the right word for it!

Heavenly Savings said...[Reply]

Wow That looks like so much fun!

Jeannette said...[Reply]

It looks like you had an amazing time! I didn't even know about this conference. My dog will be disappointed!

Unknown said...[Reply]

Oh, I love the dog with the tu-tu around his neck. So cute!

jody cowan said...[Reply]

I'd love to go to this. I have four dogs and one cat. Needless to say, I love animals! I wrote a post for the helping shelter dogs, earlier tonight. I'm so glad to find a way to help them. I'd love to do more.

Cinny said...[Reply]

@jody cowan, Thanks for writing the post! It means so much to me. I love the furry creatures so much so it warms my heart that others are helping to feed them too!

By the way, it's in VA next year and it's currently on sale for $99! Full conference tix, meals and sessions included!

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