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Unless you haven't been reading WOS at all, I'm sure you already know I have been dying to see this! Strong women, well, girl here, but I love that stuff. Plus, it has archery that I picked up before all of this archery craze so that's pretty cool. Well, it's got a lot of humor in it and who wouldn't love a laugh or two, right? Don't forget to check out my previous Brave posts! You'll find activity sheets, recipes and more. I promise, there aren't any spoilers in this because I want you to be able to enjoy the movie too. Make sure you keep reading after the review for more Disney updates. However, first things's Father's Day this weekend! So Happy Father's Day! What do you have planned?
The theater was packed. Well, it was to be expected, right? If I was anticipating this for months, then think of all the kids and other fun loving adults who've also been waiting! The movie started out with trailers for Wreck It Ralph and Monsters University...both of which I am dying to see! Then it had a short clip, "La Luna" which you'll see too before Brave starts. It's such a cute short story involving stars and cleaning up the moon.

Then Brave in 3D started and I whipped out my Avengers Real 3D glasses, as promised. Haha...I had brought Thor's and Iron Man's with me. Woot woot! Yes, I wore them. The SO laughed but then the ones being provided was giving him a headache so he ended up using the Thor one's too. :) So, see, I brought a little superhero power with me. You can win your own pair here, I have 5 sets up for grabs! Brave revolves around an ancient Scottish royal family that includes Merida (our main heroine voiced by Kelly Macdonald), her three brothers, father King Fergus (Billy Connolly) and mother Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson). Unbeknownst to Merida, the Queen has arranged for her bethroral to one of eldest sons of the three allied clans. Determined to grasp her own fate, she runs off determined to do something.
This is where it gets into the parts not mentioned in the trailers and teasers I watched. LOL, so I can't tell you much more, only that it was witty and funny. It wasn't as funny as I thought it would be and the majority of the humor revolved around the three little brothers but it was still thoroughly enjoyable. Maybe I just have a soft spot for them, but their roles were awesome, outshining even that of Merida. They were quite the smart and mischievous little trouble makers and I find them adorable...LOL, but I don't want my future kids to be like them. Ya ya, I'm contradicting myself. I quite liked Merida's role though, being one of independence and strength. The movie also portrayed family relationships and well, we can all relate to that, fighting with our mother, wrecking havoc with our siblings, and eventually resolving matters. It's all very touching and heartwarming. I even shed a tear at the end! See those three little bears? I want to take them home with me!

With all the anticipation, Brave did not disappoint. I'd give it 4.5 stars out of 5. Thank you Disney for inviting me to Brave's screening! Brave officially hits the big screens Jun 22 so don't miss out! I've also got a couple things about Brave for you straight from Disney. First, check out this hilarious "Summer Games" clip to get a feel for the film.
And for those father's out there...Here's a clip for you!
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Along the same topic of family, let' talk about Dreamwork's People Like Us next. Haven't heard from them in awhile. Did you get your free cupcake last time? I didn't get a chance to but I'm sure my waist is thanking me now. Haha, although after last night, not so much! I present to you the "Frankie Talks to Josh’s Principle” video.
Oohh, I like her attitude. The principle is the Sheriff off CSI Las Vegas. Interesting! This could be nice to watch Jun 29th when it comes out. I'm pretty sure the SO will want to watch this because he loves the based on true stories/inspired by true events movies.

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I've got a sneak peak of a new animated Disney Junior television movie and series "Sofia the First" for you. It was only unveiled this past week in Las Vegas! Princess Sofia is voiced by Modern Family's star Ariel Winter. I am a huge Modern Family fan, love the show. You may remember her as Alex, the geek. Haha, so it's nice to see her voicing the little princess. For your exclusive first look, take a look at the Entertainment Online post.

The storyline of Sofia the First centers on a young girl whose goes through drastic life changes when her mom marries the king and she becomes a princess. Other voice cast members include Grey's Anatomy star Sara Ramirez (Queen Miranda), Wayne Brady (a cute woodland creature) and Tim Gunn (Baileywick, the castle's royal steward). Sofia the First will debut this fall first as a primetime television movie on Disney Channel, then by the series premiere in 2013.

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Tiffany Revels said...[Reply]

I can't wait to take my daughter to see Brave, looks like an adorable movie. I want to see People Like Us too. Disney is rocking this year with awesome movies.

Debi@The Spring Mount 6 Pack said...[Reply]

I am going to see this on Wednesday and I am so excited!

Jeannette said...[Reply]

Can't wait to check this out! We'll be there opening day!

Libby's Library said...[Reply]

The technology of these Disney films never ceases to amaze me. Since we don't have a theater near us, I always have to wait until they come out on DVD/Blu-ray. Seems like it takes forever, when there is a movie that I really really what to see!

Caryn B. said...[Reply]

We get to see the film tomorrow and I'm very excited!

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