Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun Follow Fridays

I'm a new blog just starting up and I just learnt to use the fun friday follow tool. Have fun looking around and if you like my blog, follow me and I'll definitely follow you back. Happy fun follow friday!

Welcome to Fun Follow Friday hosted by Simply Stacie and My Wee View. The goal of this hop is to get new Google Friend Connect Followers for your blog and be introduced to new blogs to follow! We wanted to keep it fun and easy so all you have to do is add your blog link and start blog hopping and following away! You aren’t required to write a post for your blog for Fun Follow Friday unless you want to (but we really appreciate it if you do – to help get the word out).

When you visit a blog that you like and want to follow, leave them a comment with your link telling them you are following from the Fun Follow Friday. Of course, we would love for you to follow both hostesses blogs, Simply Stacie and My Wee View, but it isn’t mandatory. If you do follow us, just leave us a comment and we will follow you back.

The main goal is to have fun and follow the blogs that interest you! Happy hopping along!
***New***To make things even more fun, each week one blog from the previous week, will be chosen at random to be put in the #3 spot. The #3 spot will be chosen by! This week’s Fun Follow Friday blogger of the week is Take A Moms Word For It. She takes the #3 spot. We will be selecting next week’s blogger of the week from this weeks entries.
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Thursday, June 17, 2010


To be honest, I've always loved yoghurt drinks and so I was delighted to be able to try the Danone DanActive Yoghurt Drink as part of the BzzAgent campaigns.  With the coupon I received, I picked up an 8 pack of strawberry and blueberry yoghurt drinks.

I was really enthusiastic about the whole campaign as it was the first I've done in general and as a new BzzAgent. I was determined to give a fair review with my own opinion. I am not compensated in any way for this. So, read on to find out my results!

The taste of the blueberry and strawberry were wonderful. It wasn't too bland nor too sweet; almost a perfect combination for my tastebuds. I tended to drink these Danone Danactive Yoghurt drinks during the day when I felt like I wanted to eat a snack, so I effectively found these as a good way to curb my snack cravings. Besides that, they were low in fat and calories! There were only 80 calories per bottle! 

Danone says there has been scientific research to prove that the 10 billion L. casei defensis probiotic bacteria in each one of their drinks has health benefits associated with strengthening your immune system with continued, prolonged use. This, of course, I can't verify because I have always been fairly healthy and only had eight days worth of probiotic drinks. I think it would be quite hard to tell until I had used DanActive regularly.

Regarding pricing, I felt it was a little overpriced in comparison with the other probiotic yoghurt products out there as I was able to pick up on the same day, a different branded probiotic yoghurt product at half of its price.

Bottomline: Although Danone DanActive Probiotic yoghurt drink was definitely a yummy, healthy, low fat, and low calorie snack in my day to substitute for my otherwise, unhealthy snacking habits, I did find it a little expensive and would only buy it on sale.

However, for those of you interested in picking some up to try, there is currently a $2.00 off coupon. Unfortunately though, is a coupon site for Canadians, so you must be Canadian in order to use this coupon.

Until next time,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Awesome Giveaways...Yes, an IPAD, $500 VISA card, a FLOTV and more!

Yes, you read the title right! I said I would share contest finds when I got a chance but these giveaways are just too good to pass up and I would love to share them with my readers. With no further delay, here are the details and the links:

1) An Apple 16GB Ipad is up for grabs at Do I even need to explain what an Ipad is? Of course not! This giveaway ends 06/25. Hurry and get your entry in. All you need to do is to tell One Savvy Mom how the ipad would simplify your life. 

2) A $500 Visa Card at This giveaway ends 06/22. What would you do with $500 this summer? I know what I would do...I would definitely pick up the new iphone 4!

3) Last, but not least from One Savvy Mom is the Flo TV giveaway that ends 06/16. This would be a perfect father's day present. For those of you who don't know, FloTV is a portable TV system with many channels such as TLC and ESPN! It'd be a great thing to have on road trips! Here's the catch though, although its open internationally, make sure you check if your area has FloTV service before entering or there would be no point. Here's the link:

4) is having a major giveaway, a twitter contest for a $800+ set of bamboo sheets and duvet cover set that ends 07/14/2010 at 5:49PM EDT. Get those entries in through All you need is a twitter account of course! Open to US and CANADA.

This ends my list of great giveaways. What are you waiting for? Go enter! Stay tuned for other great contests I run into. Feel free to follow my blog or add my twitter for more updates.

Until next time,

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello World!

I guess that would be an appropriate title for my very first blog on here. I have always wanted to blog but unfortunately, never found the time or the effort to do so. This is a pretty crazy time in my life, so time is definitely lacking but I've recently found myself addicted to certain blogs, contests, deals and so on. To be honest, who wouldn't love contests and deals?! So here I am, starting a new blog to share deals, contests, reviews and even more with interested readers.

Please bear with me as I start to blog and organize my page. Once I get a chance, I'll have it up and running at 100% in no time....

Finally, I hope that by taking this first step in creating a blog, I’ll end up blogging more and more and eventually be a frequent blogger! So here’s to blogging and many more posts! Hello world! Stay tuned for new posts!

Until next time,