Saturday, June 30, 2012

Interesting facts for your enjoyment #Interestingfacts

Okay, so I ran across some neat facts that I'd love to share with you this holiday weekend! I promise, it's a quick and fun read!
Big Ben, Elizabeth Tower
Big Ben from my travels
1) Big Ben is no more!-If you're looking for iconic Big Ben in the UK, it is no renamed as Elizabeth Tower to honor Queen Elizbeth in commemoration of her 60th year on the throne. Personally, I quite like the name Big Ben and am kind of impartial to the new name. What about you? Too bad I didn't write a travel book, LOL, cuz now they're all going to have to come out with new editions with the new name and earn a ton of cash. Darn!
Source: Yahoo news

2) We all know about Leap Years every four years but how about leap seconds? Yep, we're going to have an official 61 seconds this Saturday evening (yes, that's TODAY!) at 7:59:60 PM EST. Why? Well, if you really want to know, today's atomic clocks are incredibly accurate. The only thing is, Earth has been slowly falling behind atomic time approximately two milliseconds a day. So, it's a tad behind and we need to catch up and we're even giving Earth a bit of a bonus by giving her four-tenths of a second lead time as we jump into July. This will be the 25th time in history that leap second has occurred.
Source: Yahoo news

3) The very first World's Cup Soccer Championships in Uruguay used a monkey's skull wrapped in leather and paper as their soccer ball. Um...ewww? Can you imagine if it popped open during the game? Ha! What would you do?
Source: Interesting Facts

4) My dogs love sitting on my books and sleeping on my laptop when I'm trying to work...LOL, like now! Do you ever have that problem?

Well, I hope you enjoyed those quick facts. Have a safe holiday weekend!

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A Helicopter Mom said...[Reply]

I had no idea about the extra second! :)

The Big Ben thing is sad. I'll still be calling it Big Ben even if no one else does. Sorry Queen!

About a Mom said...[Reply]

My dogs want anything that I have too!

Actingbalanced said...[Reply]

I think Big Ben will always be Big Ben, no matter what the official name is... really neat about the leap second... I didn't even notice it!

Unknown said...[Reply]

I can't believe that Big Ben's name is being changed. That majorly sucks!

Jeana said...[Reply]

I had no idea about Big Ben - I love learning "useless facts". Thanks!

Mom on Mars said...[Reply]

Totally sharing #2 with my son. He's going to love that one!

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