Monday, February 25, 2013

Sneak peak at this year's hottest #toys from #Hasbro #HasbroTF #TFNY #TF13 #ToyFair

Wow. Let me warn you now, Hasbro has a great line of new products coming out this year. You may want to budget yourself less, cut back, work more...since I'm sure you'll want most of these. Or maybe that's just me.
First look at PlayDoh Plus, KRE-O
PlayDoh is coming out with PlayDoh Plus, a more malleable PlayDoh. It's softer and easier to manipulate but also harder to get intact out of the moulds. There are also new play sets. Cupcake and cake makers, ice cream makers, and garbage truck molds that literally spit out garbage in the form of cockroaches, fish bones, and garbage cans will be rolling out later this year.
Transformers, Star Wars, Iron Man toys from Hasbro, #HasbroTF
Transformers -robots in disguise! Look for new transformer items including the largest transformer yet! Of course with Iron Man 3 coming out this year, there are also cool, new toys that will be rolled out along with the movie.

For the little ones, Elmo has now been upgraded! He hugs back. Sticking with the fluffy subject matter, let's talk about the new mini furbies that have their own unique personalities and change depending on how you raise them. Plus, they know how to party when there's more than one of them around.
Elmo, Easy Bake Oven, Furbies, cameras from Hasbro
I want to get my hands on the new Easy Bake Oven! Wow, I don't think mine ever made cake pops back in the day.

Love Nerf? I do, always have, it's always been a ton of fun. To appeal more to girls, they've come out with a new line called Rebelle, with girls in mind. I love it but I'd like to see more colors besides the super girly ones I've seen so far. They have a nice shooting range of 70 feet and are programmed so that girls can go on missions together.
Nerf and Nerf Rebelle lines, 2013 Hasbro Toys, #HasbroTF
Moving onto the game room, i had to wipe the drool off my face. There was just so much and I can't begin to list them all. A quick glance revealed the new monopoly token to be a cat. What do you think?
2013 Games from #Hasbro, Monopoly, Jenga Boom, Jenga Tetris, Angry Birds, Star wars, #HasbroTF
Jenga is coming back in two forms: Jenga Boom which explodes after a time and Jenga infused with Tetris where the Jenga blocks are your traditional Tetris shapes.

Of course, we can't forget the combination of Angry Birds and Star Wars. Love the adorable idea and I want one too. So much to see and so much to talk about, is there something that caught your eye so far?

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