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5 Tips for a healthier, fitter you #BackPain #Weightloss #fitness #GotYourBack #NYC

Last week, I attended a press event at Peterson Chiropractic's newer location in the Financial District (150 Broadway, Suite 1800, NY, NY 10038). I suffer from lower and upper back pain and was eager to learn more. However, what I ended learning was more than I ever expected and I've come back with some pretty awesome information and tips that'll help you feel better!
NYC Chiropractics, Energy Kitchen
When we first arrived, we were greeted by a plethora of healthy snacks from Energy Kitchen. They had these amazing 120 cal protein brownies that were to die for! Check them out if you're feeling for fast, low calorie food. Once we got past the food, we met with Dr. Louis Peterson who took us on a tour of the beautiful clinic. During the tour, he emphasized that although many people believe that chiropractors work only on the spine, they actually focus on all joints of the body.

What I, in particular, liked about Peterson Chiropractic was that it wasn't just chiropractics. There is physical therapy, massage therapy, and acupuncture therapy amongst others. This is where the fun began, as we had mini treatments to get a feel of what the clinic offered.

The Bliss Acupuncture therapist spoke about chi and overall health. We learnt about acupuncture and cupping and even put it to the test ourselves! Did you know a lesser known function of acupuncture is wrinkle removal? Acupuncture may induce a pinching sensation when the needle first goes in, kind of like getting a shot. For me though, I felt nothing as you can see. I was able to sit back and chat with it in my arm.
Accupuncture, Cupping, Holistic Health
Cupping serves as a way to help your body remove toxins. Ever watch Karate Kid? It's what Jackie Chan was doing on Jaden Smith. Fun fact...if you're not as healthy, cupping can lead to bruising. If you're generally healthy, bruising should NOT occur. When NYC Talon tested it out, she found it to be a comfortable sensation.

Moving from one comfort zone to another, we found ourselves relaxing even more at the hands of Sandra, a NYS Licensed Massage therapist. With the sound of waves in the background, it truly felt like she had magic hands. Dana from The Dragyn's Lair almost fell asleep!
Massage, Back Adjustments for Back Pain Relief
What about my back pain? Oh, don't you worry, that was well taken care of as Dr. Ben Gruen provided a mini back adjustment. The room was filled with all sorts of bone-crunching popping noises as my back and neck was adjusted. Not surprisingly, I didn't feel pain but rather the release of tension and pain. I think I could use an adjustment or two again.
Alright, here are your 5 tips for a healthier, fitter you!
1) Back pain or tension -Use a tennis ball between your back and the wall. Do not place it directly over the spine. Instead, place it beside the spine. Move yourself to roll the ball between your back and wall to help release tension and pain.
2) Abdominal Hollowing -This helps to work your core muscles. Pull your belly button towards your back during the day as long as you can. Try talking while pulling your belly button backwards.
3) Dead Bug is another core muscle workout. Lie on your back, tuck your belly in and start with your knees up in a 90 degree angle. You want to keep your back flat to the ground and alternate arms and legs. As you lift your right arm, you want to stretch your left leg from that bent knee position to a hovering left leg. Now switch to the opposite arm and leg.
4) If you feel wrist pain because you're always on the keyboard, try making it so that your arms are at a 90 degree angle when you're typing. An alternative if you work from a laptop is to purchase a separate laptop to work from.
5) Stand up and stretch throughout the day. It'll help to relieve some of the stress and tension built up in your body as the day goes on.

Overall, Peterson Chiropractic seems to be a fully-rounded clinic that is able to serve a wide spectrum of clients. The downtown NYC location makes it an optimal location. However, without being on the street level, the location of the office is a bit concealed, a hidden gem if you will. Check them out the next time you're looking for a downtown chiropractic clinic in NYC.

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