Sunday, January 27, 2013

I am who I am...#TheBigShoutOut

I am who I am...

because of my parents...without you, I would've never learnt...
-to love others
-to be responsible
-to be caring
-to be ethical
-to be honorable
-to fight for what's right
-to cherish those around me
-to help others
-to be independent
-to use what God gave me to heal others
-to believe in myself
-to love me for myself
-to play and love sports
-to love DIY projects
-the unconditional love and support of families

because of my grandma...without you, I would've never learnt...
-the kindness so unique to you
-the innate ability to forgive and forget
-the boundless love family gives

because of my brother...without you, I would've never learnt...
-the joy of teaching and sharing knowledge
-the closeness of siblings
-the love and support we share thousands of miles away
-the fierce protectiveness I have for friends and loved ones

because of the all people I've met...without you, I would've never developed into who I am. Each person or animal we met or crossed paths with in life has some sort of impact on us. The list is neverending...

To me, there's not just one important person in my life who had a positive effect on who I have become. It was a confluence of people and animals that shaped and defined who I am. I am grateful for all of these experiences be they happy or sad experiences as they have shaped and moulded me into a stronger character.

There's no doubt I will continue to grow and develop as a person but for now, what I can do is thank some of those people who have helped me along the way via The Big Shout Out. Thank you for being you and for being a part of my life!

#TheBigShoutout is an initiative that acknowledges and celebrates mentors across Canada as a part of the 100th anniversary of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada. It is sometimes hard to tell your mentor straight up what you think but with this initiative, you can write your feelings in words and share them with the world.

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Unknown said...[Reply]

I love this mentoring program! I was involved in something similar and it is truly great!

Unknown said...[Reply]

What a beautiful idea (and by the way a beautiful blog) so often we forget to recognize those who so influenced us, this was lovely.

Randa Derkson said...[Reply]

That is a great idea. Nice post.

Dawn Lopez said...[Reply]

What a beautiful list, love your big shout out! Thanks for sharing, so sweet!

Kecia | From Mom's Desk said...[Reply]

What a neat way to stop and recognize those that have help shaped us into the people we've become!

Momma Told Me said...[Reply]

What an empowering post!

Shannon said...[Reply]

Great post! Your loved ones are lucky to have you!

East9thStreet said...[Reply]

Awesome post! I think about all the people who have influenced me along the way and realize I haven't properly thanked them!

Emily Reviews said...[Reply]

This is great. Isn't it humbling to sit down and think about all of the special people in your life and how much they taught you or helped you with?

Jenn said...[Reply]

What a great post to honor those who inspire you.

Stefani @ said...[Reply]

This is a really great idea for a post. :)

Dede said...[Reply]

Aw, I really like this. It's amazing to think about the ways we are impacted by other people in our lives.

Lena B said...[Reply]

That is a really honorary good

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