Friday, January 18, 2013

Steaming it up on dreary days with #DRAsianMeals #CBias

When it's gloomy and mopey outside, I really don't feel like cooking. All I want is something warm and quick. Where do I go? Well, it is New York so I'm definitely heading to my neighborhood's Duane Reade first.
Duane Reade
I had heard about these new Asian Meals offering authentic Malaysian Noodle Soups that I was itching to try. Well, as soon as I walked into Duane Reade though, I teleported to February 14th. LOL, there were hearts and chocolates everywhere, oozing that warm, pink and fuzzy feeling. It warmed me up a little but not enough. I was on a mission to find something that would warm my belly up!
Valentine's chocolate
I ended up grabbing the Asian Meals Malaysian Garlic Sesame Noodle Bowl (230 cal) and Asian Meals Malaysian Lemongrass Noodle Bowl (300 cal). I searched in three different Duane Reade's for the Asian Meals Malaysian Shitake Mushroom Noodle Bowl. No luck! My goodness, they were clean off the shelf. That must be one good flavor. I think I'll have to try it out the next time I look for #DRAsianMeals. At a price point of $3.99, they're a bit higher than I expected for a quick meal solution, however, I suspect it may be that way because it's ALL natural. There's no MSG, no preservatives, no artifical color, no 3-MCPD (an organic chemical is carcinogenic), and no trans fat in any of these noodle soup bowls.
Asian Meals Authentic Malaysian Noodle Soups at Duane ReadeAsian Meals Malaysian Shitake Mushroom Noodle Bowl empties shelves
Preparation is as simple as emptying everything into the bowl provided, adding either boiling water and covering for 4 minutes or water and microwaving for 3 minutes. I would, however, suggest a modification to the instructions. When we added as boiled water as per the instructions on our first bowl, the flavor ended up a bit bland. However, when we added boiling water until the level where it just covers the noodles, they turned out fabulous...and addictive. We were a bit dismayed that we ran out so quickly! They're in that nice pre-portioned size where they make for great snacks or quick meals, especially on days where you don't feel like cooking! Oh, by the way, it's "authentic" enough for this Asian just in case you were wondering if Asian Meals passed this Asian's taste buds.
Asian Meals Malaysian Lemongrass Noodle ReviewAsian Meals Malaysian Garlic Sesame Noodle Review
Did I make you hungry? Guess what? Duane Reade will be having various in-store sampling events at 10 different stores and giving out $1 off coupons in 54 New York and New Jersey Duane Reade stores January 20-26 and February 17-23. Or visit Duane Reade's booth at the Malaysia Kitchen Winter Market event at Bryant Park, NYC, on February 20 and 21, 2013 for more delish samples!
Easy Asian Meals, #DRAsianMeals
Take a look at my complete trip to Duane Reade.

Now tell me, what flavor are you itching to try?

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Tonya said...[Reply]

Looks so yummy! I would want to try the Garlic Sesame Noodle.

Mom vs. the boys said...[Reply]

ohhh now that does look warm and yummy! I would like to try them all but I think I would like the Garlic over the lemongrass

Randa Derkson said...[Reply]

Garlic Sesame looks interesting.

Debi Gerhart said...[Reply]

Yum. I have been on such an Asian food kick lately.

Mariah @ said...[Reply]

Oh, that looks tasty! I will always indulge in some Asian food. It's one of my faves!

tammilee said...[Reply]

Those look fantastic! I wish we had a Duane Reade near us.

Crunchy Frugalista said...[Reply]

I have never heard of those, but man I am hungry. My kids are on a ramen noodle kick, I am sure they will love these.

Have Kids Will Coupon said...[Reply]

Those look so yummy! I a thing for noodles.

Unknown said...[Reply]

Thanks for sharing your preparation tips! I'm really curious about the Shitake Mushroom, especially as it sounds so popular but I think my favorite flavor would be Garlic Sesame.

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