Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stocking up on Active Wear from @OldNavy #stylecouncil #fashion #style

Old Navy's Active Wear Section
More fun at Old Navy for Style Council members! This time, for some of my favorite attire to be in...athletic clothes! I love my sweats, tanks, and sweaters! As usual, Old Navy sent me two coupons, one for me and one for my friend for one top and one bottom. How generous, right? As you know from last time, Krista from NYC Talon lives a fair distance away so I sent her one of the coupons. Are you excited to see our pics this time?
Krista's shopping experienceOld Navy Active Wear
I have to admit, I love how Krista always gets to go shopping with her sisters.  It looks like they're having a great time picking out new clothes too. The purple sweater's quite nice. I'm sad to say that it wasn't available at the Old Navy I was at. I might have to pick it up the next time I go!
Gorgeous sweaters and topsSports Bras, Slimming Yoga Pants, cropsColorful sweaters, runners and Yoga Pants reviewControl Max yoga pants, sweatsCute tops and water bottles
I loved the colors and variety they had available. There were tops, new sweaters, tanks, water bottles, and even runners. Old Navy has a variety of Active Wear that I never expected. They even had Control Max Fit, Slimming Bootcuts, Straight Legs, Crops and more.
Old Navy Active Wear reviewOld Navy Active Wear reviewOld Navy Active Wear, tanks, sweaters, yoga pants review
I was totally in love with their jackets. I could've taken one in every color! The sweats though, no matter the style I tried...they just didn't give my thighs that slimming look I wanted. I, unfortunately, felt more like links of sausage. The pretty colors made me happy though! What do you think? Haha, and a shot with the "bumble bee" dress because I like it. Oh, and all of the dresses I did for the Old Navy Dresses post are now on sale! I saw them anywhere from 8.50 to $13ish, so they're a total steal right now!
Old Navy Active Wear Outfit Review
So here's my final outfit! I ended up choosing the sweats I did just because of the blue banding that I found pretty. They are relatively comfortable to wear but didn't do my legs justice. The sweater though, oh my, I loved. The fleece was so soft and comfy and it featured the typical side pockets and a 3rd pocket on the chest. You can never have enough pockets! The fact that they were zippered pockets were great. I've had my cell fall out of my pockets before so I need those zippers when I'm going on a jog with the pups! Definitely try them on for size though because the Small I ended up going with was a nicer fit and smaller than the XS I tried out previously. Krista ended up getting the purple sweater and blue crops for her sister's dance class. Check out the new active wear in an Old Navy near you.

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Rita ONeal said...[Reply]

I absolutely love Old Navy! There were so many choices... I'm not sure how you chose!

Unknown said...[Reply]

How cute! Unfortunately for my big butt, I don't fit in Old Navy... yet! After #3 is born, I plan on getting into shape so eventually I can get some cute work out clothes!

Someday I'll Learn said...[Reply]

Old Navy has such great deals!

Unknown said...[Reply]

I don't find too much at Old Navy for me, but my daughter loves to shop there and I do buy some things there for my granddaughter & grandson, but I have to drive 1.5 hrs to get to one.

Victoria said...[Reply]

I really love the pink and blue shirts you tried on. They are such a timeless style that flatters almost any shape. Those are my favorite. Btw, your thighs look great! I tell you this because one day you will look back and wish you still had them! :)

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Thanks so much for sharing Cinny! We've already purchased 3 more of the zip-up sweaters and one fleece one - we're such Old Navy fans, and the purple sweater with the thumb hole is super super slimming!

Elena said...[Reply]

I like Old Navy because their prices are good and they have a lot of casual clothes

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