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Styling on the #ThorDarkWorldEvent #RedCarpet at #ElCapitan, #ThorDarkWorld #Review #movies

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Can you believe we did two red carpet events in 2 days? I, myself, am still in a little bit of shock over it. The day after the #DeliveryManEvent premiere, we were hitting the red carpet again at the El Capitan Theatre for the #ThorDarkWorldEvent red carpet premiere. I had been particularly looking forward to seeing Jeremy Renner and Stan Lee but it was not meant to me.

Can't be too greedy though, we had already met Tom Hiddleston, Jaimie Alexander, and Zachary Levi. buddy's ultimate man, Thor, stood an arms' length away from me as I started to walk the red carpet. That was almost mind blowing.
#ThorDarkWorldEvent Red Carpet Premiere, Movie review, marvel
I snapped a pic which was a little blurry. I need to be a bit quicker next time but here are the professional pics from Disney so you can oooh and ahhh over this star studded cast and guest list that included Tom Hiddleston, Chris Helmsworth, Stan Lee, Jeremy Renner, Jaimie Alexander (and her super sexy but daring dress), Zachary Levi, the cast of Agents of Shield, amongst many others.
Jaimie Alexander's daring dress, Jeremy Renner, Chris Helmsworth, Tom Hiddleston and more at the #ThorDarkWorldEvent red carpet premiere
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel
Drool-worthy, right? Well, Marvel fans, Thor: The Dark World truly does not disappoint. The story is different than the first Thor yet equally as entertaining and fun. I would also say it has more humor infused in it, maybe because the brothers of Loki and Thor are united by a common cause to work together. Action-packed fight scenes kept me on the edge. In particular, I love the strong women in this film. Frigga (Rene Russo) and Sif (Jaimie Alexander) both had wonderful fight scenes. Emotions and mischief of all sorts come into this Thor sequel and the movie definitely leaves you with many speculations of what is to come. It's a rollercoaster ride but I'd get on it again and again, especially since it's in 3D!
Cast and crew of #ThorDarkWorld, #ThorDarkWorldEvent
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel
Check out Thor: The Dark World in 3D in theaters 11/8/13! There are two bonus features at the end of the movie, one after the initial credits and one after the final credits. Stick around to check them out.

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