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Fandral aka @ZacharyLevi talks about #ThorDarkWorld #ThorDarkWorldEvent

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This was somewhat of a surprise character because you really couldn't recognize Zachary Levi in this role. Most were shocked when they realized he played Fandral since he simply looked so different! Plus it was different from his usual geeky roles.

With all the fight scenes though, I was curious as to how battered and bruised he might have ended up along the way. Zachary said that he had dislocated a rib at one point. The worst thing was that he slammed his finger in his trailer door, as it was rather unglamourous. What did he use to treat it? Ice and alcohol.

Understandably so though, Zachary Levi was nervous about taking over this role and joining the franchise, because not every one knew that he was originally going to be Fandral. Unfortunately, the filming of Chuck got in the way the first time so Josh did it. This time around, Josh's role on Once upon a time conflicted.

On being a part of the Marvel Universe, Zachary felt welcomed into an "incredible family and lineage". He spoke of Tom giving him a big hug and welcoming him on one of the first days on set.
Zachary Levi's diet plan for #thorDarkWorld #thordarkworldevent
Zachary was a huge comic book fan. His enthusiasm seeped through the room and infected every one as he talked about all of it. He was big into X-Men, especially the mutants, spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America. He went through phases but related most to the mutants.

Of course, I had to ask about his fitness regimen. Well, how could I resist? I assumed vigorous training was involved to get into shape for the fight scenes but of course, I was a little off. Zachary was on  a strict workout regimen until he got to London. Then he tried on his wardrobe and realized that no one would ever know how ripped he was. He wears gloves throughout the movie and so not even his fingers are seen! In terms of the fight choreography, he felt more than capable of doing that in his physical state. So then, drinking beer and eating chips became his diet. Hilarious, right?!

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