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What #Loki has in his fridge? More in our exclusive #ThorDarkWorldEvent @TWHiddleston Q&A #ThorDarkWorld

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Despite having an avid love for super heroes, I never really ever understood the legions of #LokisLadies. What exactly was it that attracted everyone to Loki. Then I saw some really random clips of Tom Hiddleston being a goofball and well, that made him likeable. Then we interviewed him for the #ThorDarkWorldEvent and met him in person and realized that this guy was actually super sweet and interesting. Plus, he stayed longer on his own will just to answer all our questions, so bonus marks for him!

You Loki fans are more interested in the Q&A though so let's get the ball rolling.

Tom loves playing all sort of roles. The way he put it is that he "feels that human nature is like a piano, white and black keys each character is a different chord key", which is exactly why he will play heroes and villians, princes, kings, beggars and thieves. He quoted that the precise reason as to why he's an actor is because he "loves studying people".

Loki is just a "particular, minor chord with a couple black notes in there" but "I love playing him". The mischief is one of Tom's favorite parts of playing the part of Loki and he feels the character's playfulness is his sense of fun.

The main challenge in his role though is how he can make Loki real, vulnerable, and complex. Essentially, the facade that lies above the true hurt underneath.
Tom Hiddleston on his role, Loki, The God of Mischief, Thor: The Dark World, #ThorDarkWorldEvent
On Loki's change since we last saw him and if he now gets along with others, Tom retorts, "certainly not his dad" as he's still angry with his father. We find the movie starting with Loki in the wake of what happened in the Avengers and he's in prison, 'written out of history and condemned to be forgotten, unseen, unheard, haunted by his demons for eternity". Loki's role this time around is manipulative as usual, but also more provocative and fun, yet at the same time, more damaged, lonely, sad, and angry. Per Tom, he has "hit rock bottom in this film". After all, the narrative of his life was a lie all along, he really was "adopted, betrayed, and left on a frozen rock to die".

Despite the rivalry and antagonism between brothers, Thor and Loki are now united by a common bond to fight back. This was a great opportunity for Chris and Tom to explore the tension as "two brothers brought up as equals and best friends who competed and were rivals, but ultimately best friends. The difference here is that Thor was more lenient in the first film, whereas in Thor: The Dark World, Thor makes no qualms about killing Loki should he betray him.

Tom sincerely hopes that fans will still see that Loki is vulnerable and that all his inclination to cause trouble and provoke chaos is really a mask of someone who's wounded and lost.

On if he was a comics fan, Tom genuinely admitted that he knows a lot on a superficial level. It was really cute watching him describe this. One of his favorite things as a kid was this Inuit game Top Trumps which came in different categories, racing cars or motocross bikes or fighter jets. Essentially, from what I understood, there are cards listed with what Tom called "vital stats". This supposed simple game also came in the form of Top Trump of Marvel superheroes and super villains. It was from there that he learnt and knew all these vital stats. He didn't actually read comic books. For example, he said in the game, "Loki can beat Dr. Doom if you read intelligence when the cards popped up because Loki is more intelligent than Dr. Doom.

As for a Loki spin off movie, Tom says, "Officially, I know nothing. It's a "sea of confusion". You all can speculate though!
Exclusive interview with Tom Hiddleston, Loki, before Thor: The Dark World, #ThorDarkWorldEvent
Ending on a fun note, there was a random question of what lies in Tom's fridge. His response: bottles of fizzy water, green vegetables, butter, fridgey stuff. Funny! Oh, and guess what, we got a group picture as usual and it was kind of exciting since I was right next to him. He had his arm around my waist. ;) Jealous?

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