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How to Draw Dusty from #DisneyPlanes & #DisneyPlanesBloggers chat with #Disney artists

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The life of a Disney story artist is definitely more complicated than it appears. That's what I learnt when I met with Dan Abraham (head of story/art) and Art Hernandez (lead storyboard artist) for Disney Planes. It all started over 2 years ago when they finally received the story that Klay wanted it to be at.

Then the artists receive a script and it is their job to make a visual representation of it. They are the ones who turn the words and make them come alive. Each artist will take a chapter back to their cubicles and figure out the staging, the character's look, and essentially set up the story in imagery. They are the base off of which everything else that come afterwards is based on.

They usually start with 8-10 artists per film but as it progresses, people get weaned off the project. These initial visual representations are screened 4-5 times every 8-12 weeks to check the progress and to ensure that the story flows from scene to scene. The artists themselves have to become the temp voices and create the sound effects, music, and so on. Essentially, they have to sell their scene to John Lasseter, Klay Hall, Traci Balthazor-Flynn and the rest of the team. If it's not satisfactory, they have to go back to the drawing board.

An amazing amount of the end of everything, Dan and Art estimated that they had produced 40 000 individual panels, the majority of which will not be used. They estimated that only 25-35% of all the drawings were actually used.
How to Draw Dusty the crop duster from Disney Planes, #DisneyPlanes, #DisneyPlanesBloggers
It was a tough project. They could only rely on 3 things: the eyes, mouth, and suspension. Being a Disney project, they were all about keeping to reality and "truth in materials." If it didn't bend in real life, it doesn't bend in the movie. That's kind of why the planes had to rely on Sparky and Dottie a lot.

We had the talented Art and Dan teach us personally how to draw Dusty. Watch this video below to learn how to draw Dusty at home. Planes is now available on home Blu-ray and DVD.
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