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Heartwarming and Hilarious #DeliveryManMovie #Review #DeliveryManEvent

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When I screened Delivery Man prior to my #DeliveryManEvent trip, I had heard doubts about the movie right after coming out. Doubts that were completely overturned! As I exited the screening, I was surprised to hear that many thought Delivery Man was so much better than they expected. I expected nothing but the excessive humor that we all know Vince Vaughn is capable of. Then add on Cobie Smulders from "How I met your mother" and you know it'll be an epic comedy.

Even after screening it, I was still excited to see this DreamWorks movie again. It was just that good. Delivery Man's story is wrapped around the life of David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn), who for some heartwarming reason hinted at in the movie, performed a lot of "manual labor" and "wrestling with the dragon" years ago. That past has now come to haunt him as a portion of the 533 children he ended up fathering are now actively trying to find out who he is. All the while, he's just found out that his girlfriend, Emma, is also pregnant with their child.
Spoiler free Delivery Man movie review, #DeliveryManMovie, #DeliveryManEvent

There's all sorts of emotions in this movie. My husband and I laughed lots, I teared up, and more. It was a feel-good movie, a heart warming one at that. There were many family moments, sweet moments, that brought a smile to my face. It's just a rollercoaster ride from the beginning to the end.

The humor was a great part of it. There was a lot of original jokes, carefully worded to make the movie family-friendly. A great movie to hit up with the rest of your family this Thanksgiving weekend starting today!

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