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Vince Vaughn shook my hand! #DreamWorks' #DeliveryManMovie #movies #interview

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Just so you know, Director Ken Scott had thought Vince Vaughn was perfect for that character. For you Vince Vaughn fans, you’ll be happy to know that he’s in every scene. Some of you had asked me if he was as funny in real life as he was on the movies. What do you think?

He was hilarious and nice too. He actually came up to us and shook all of our hands. I wanted to joke that I’d never wash my hand again but was worried people would actually take me seriously and throw me off the set. LOL, so I opted not to. Vince even came to check on us in between the takes and entertained us during the takes. He actually sang, “Let’s give the bloggers something to write about.”

Let’s get back to the main topic though. We asked Vince what he thought of the script and he gave us somewhat of an in depth and well thought out answer that echoed with many of the parents present.
Vince thought the concept in itself was funny but because there are so many kids, “they can each play out in different circumstances” and literally “give you all of your hopes and fears as a parent” as to what your child could turn out to be like. Since Vince Vaughn himself is a father to an almost two year old, I have to say I’m not surprised that he tapped a lot into what he was going through personally.
Interview with Vince Vaughn on the #DeliveryMan movie set
With Delivery Man being a comedy, I was also interested in what the funniest thing that happened on set was. Vince responded with jokes outside of filming, which we fully understood once we had our headsets on and listened to them in between active filming!

He also had a smart tip for parents: “temporary speech versus permanent speech.” For example, you shouldn’t say, “You’re terrible at math.” Instead, say, “you’re not doing well in math right now.” Pretty clever, right?

Catch this clever and funny guy in theaters November 22nd, 2013.

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