Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hanging with police officer Cobie Smulders on DreamWorks' #DeliveryManMovie Set #movies

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I’ll admit, it was pretty cool to interview Cobie Smulders, a fellow Canadian, during DreamWorks’ #DeliveryManMovie set visit. I had always enjoyed her humor and we’ve always watched How I Met Your Mother. This woman has a sense of humor. If even she says, “It’s a funny movie.”, you can bet it’s going to be a great comedy!

In Delivery Man though, she plays a police officer, Emma, who’s been in and out of a relationship with the Delivery Man (Vince Vaughn). She’s now pregnant and wants to break up with him again.

She actually found the police officer role to be a nice transition from Maria Hill off Avengers as both characters are strong and independent. Impressively, Cobie had done research on her role. She met someone during a previous press event who works at the 34th street precinct and he was nice enough to let her in and talk to people in order to get a feel for the role.
Behind the scenes interview with Cobie Smulders on the #DeliveryManMovie Set
I’m sure I wasn’t the only one curious about this. I think many of you had suggested asking it as well but I was curious about the difference in filming sitcoms versus movies and if there was a preference. Apparently, there is. Did you know that the sitcom is literally a “9 to 5 kind of a job?” Cobie described there to be “four cameras, so there’s not a lot of coverage, not a lot of downtime where you do lighting” so they end up filming really quickly. However, with films, Cobie enjoyed being a part of the story despite the long filming days, especially with the “beautiful backdrop” and energy New York City provides.
On memorizing scripts, I’m sure you’ve always been curious whether they go day by day or if they know it all from the get go, right? Cobie was saying she was grateful to have been on How I Met Your Mother for eight years because that helped her with memorizing lines. It is a bit easier though to take it day by day for the scenes that are planned out for the day. The scenes on that particular day didn’t have much dialogue so I’m sure it was a cake walk for them but I can’t wait to see the full movie November 22nd, 2013.
Behind the scenes at the #DeliveryManMovie set with Cobie Smulders
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