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After since I've arrived in Minnesota, I've heard the Minnesota State Fair was a must see. My friends all went and gushed over Martha's sweet cookies and fried candy bars, amongst others. Ya, "Fried" candy bars.

We arrived on a beautiful summer day when it wasn't too hot or too cold. That whole week had been scorchingly hot and unbearable. So it explained the massive crowds at the fair. All you could see was masses and masses of people in front of you extending for the length of several blocks. It was cramped and there were a lot of instances where you'd be lucky if you moved more than an inch at a time. I wasn't going to let that ruin my fair experience though.

Being Canadian, there's something quite like the state fair called the Calgary Stampede. I've been to that numerous times in the past and it all seems quite similar to me. You've got your midway and games, the livestock barns, the rodeo, sideshows and music performances, and of course, the midway food. If only I had a bigger stomach, I would've loved to try more.

Entrance fees this year were $12/adult. They did have discount days where it's a slightly discounted price but no free days that I know of. You can prepurchase tickets at various outlets prior to the fair starting to save some and a discount book for various discounts. The discount book (Blue Ribbon Bargain Book) can also be purchased at the fair for $5 and helps you save on a variety of items including food, drinks, merchandise, and midway games/rides. If you end up going more than once, it's smart to buy the book early because you can use it throughout the whole fair.

There's parking on site but I highly advise against that. It's crazy and you get stuck in traffic forever. There's free park and ride zones where you park for free and ride a free shuttle to the state fair. We opted to walk as it took awhile for the shuttle to come and it was only a 15-20 minute walk.

Knowing I was going to be scarfing down food, I planned ahead. I donned my June dress, which is an adorable O/S dress that fits sizes 4-10. So it was a bit loose on me, so I had to use a big waist belt to pull it in but that worked fabulously. The perk to it? I was secretly readjusting my belt as I ate and my belly got bigger and bigger and you couldn't notice it since the nature of the dress was hiding it. (Psst...have you entered to win your very own $2000 Karina Dresses wardrobe yet?)
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My fair must though is probably the funnel cake. That is my one must eat item every time I go to any type of fair. Not sure why but I get the ones with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on it. So, having gotten that, I'm a happy camper!

This frockstar was ready to eat. Warning though, the majority of the foods are fried but you kinda have to try them. The turkey leg is a must try. It varies from $9-10 at different stands and it's just this slow-roasted, soft, juicy and tender turkey leg. One of my favorite fair foods.
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We also tried garlic fries which is rather simple but excruciatingly good. It's a fairly large serving and I definitely recommend sharing with friends if you want to be able to eat anything else.

Cheese curds were listed as a "must try" thing and typically, I like cheese curds. Maybe I bought from the wrong stand but the beer battered cheese curds I tried were overly salty and not impressive at all.

Of course, all this hearty food is great with a beer or two. Or even a lemonade or cold soda. Or a root beer float! I found myself thirsty quite a bit after all the food so I was always looking for something to drink.

Things I didn't get to try but would've loved to included Martha's sweet cookies and the fried candy bars. There were multiple of these stands but there'd be massive lines and I'm not even joking. There was no way I was going to wait a full hour just to purchase these.

Overall, a fun time at the fair. Lots of good food, bring friends, share, experience it! Oh, and bring money, we probably spent $100 total easily over the course of 4-5 hours. Have you ever been to the Minnesota State Fair? It typically runs from end August to early September.

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