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Super Buddies dog movie reviews
How I wish to find a magical ring to grant me an unique super power just like my favorite little buddies. Ha, but since I haven't found one yet, the pups and I will just have to settle back and watch the Super Buddies assemble their new powers and protect the planet from a shape-shifting bully from outer space.

The nice thing about this movie is that it teaches kids to work together and that in itself is much more powerful than any super power out there. At 81 minutes long, it's just the perfect length to keep kids entertained and parents within their limits.

Like the other Buddies movies that I've seen and love, it's soft, cuddly and cute. Adventure, mischief and fun go wherever the pups wind up. There are parts of it that are obviously geared towards the little ones but still enjoyable nonetheless.

Download the activity games PDF file by clicking the image below to make a movies night with your family!
Download Activity Games
Here's a sneak peak at how The Buddies learn how to control their newfound super powers.
Here's a 2nd activity sheets file, free to download. Great for the weekend, don't you think?
Download Super Activities
Have you ever wanted to train your dog? Here are a few clips from the trainers of The Buddies, teaching you how to train a dog to stay, sit, foot, and lay down and stay.

Lay Down and Stay

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