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Top 10 reasons why YOU should go to #BlogPaws Part 2 #Frockstar

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Karina Dresses
Ooh, I'm having BlogPaws withdrawals! Did you check out all the cool things we discovered during our first day at BlogPaws?

This makes it the second year that I've been to this conference and you've got to wonder, what brings me back? What is it they have that's got me hooked so bad? Let's make things simple, I love lists! So, here's my list of top 10 reasons why YOU should go to BlogPaws.
10 Reasons why you should go to #BlogPaws
10) Reasonably priced tickets, especially if you snag them at the early bird price. Last year, I was able to purchase my ticket in advance for $99.
9) Decently priced partner hotels...for the quality of the hotel you're getting, the price is surprisingly good. I will not divulge where I went to another conference and ended up paying over $200 a night at the conference hotel.
8) Not only are there your typical social media educational sessions, but there are also additional pet-related sessions. Being an animal lover, I absolutely love learning anything additional about my dogs' behaviors and their health.
7) It's an easy conference to get your feet wet in. The people are warm and friendly. It's not an intimidating conference at all so it's great for first timers and veterans.
6) I've mentioned in the past, there's a lot of swag, didn't I? And I mean useful stuff, like pet food and treats amongst others.
5) Celebrities show up! LOL, yes they do, last year, we met Tilman the skateboard dog and Norman the Scooter dog. This year, we saw Norman again. Also in attendance was Smitty the weather dog and Charles the Monarch. In addition to these furry stars, we also met Chef Kevin Sbraga, winner of Top Chef season 7 and got to taste a delectable crab salad made by him personally!
Celebrities at #BlogPaws: Kevin Sbraga, Scooter Dog Norman, Charles the Monarch
4) They do an annual Nose to Nose Awards, which is an adorable evening gala event. It's a lot of fun seeing your fellow friends nominated and winning awards for things like Best Pet Picture, Best Pet Video, etc. You also get to dress up and walk the red carpet that night and BlogPaws gave a few drink tickets this year too. I wore my gorgeous Adelle gown from Karina Dresses. I've been lusting after this dress for a year and can't believe I finally got my hands on it!
This #Frockstar attends the BlogPaws 2nd annual Nose to Nose Awards in style
3) Indoor and outdoor pet parks with free professional dog sitters so that you can feel safe attending the sessions or network without your pup.
Free dog parks and professional pet care at #BlogPaws
2) Or if you'd like to stay with your pets, they're welcome in all of the conference area and hotel areas, only not in the hotel restaurant areas. However, they are still welcomed in the conference dining rooms.
1) Wonderful opportunities to meet other bloggers and develop relationships with brands. Network, network, network. You do it during breakfast, lunch, at sponsor booths, evening events, and more. I always enjoy being able to see the latest and newest products that have either just hit the markets are will be coming soon. I love knowing what's to come and the inspirations behind them.

There you have it, my top 10 reasons! You want to know JR's top reasons? Well, that's pretty easy...JR?
JR: BOL! Play, eat yummy food, eat yummy treats, sleep, play some more...

Next year's BlogPaws is going to be held at Lake Las Vegas. This poor woman is going to see if she can catch some time off for it because it's not to be missed.

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