Saturday, June 15, 2013

My inspiration! Happy Father's Day! #MonstersU #DisneyPlanes

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Father's Day is this weekend! Are you prepared? As I mature, I realize more and more how blessed and lucky I am to have two parents that love me to pieces. I probably didn't appreciate it as much 10-15 years ago but it truly resounds today.

Ever since I was little, dad has taught me to be independent. We took on projects together, varying from school projects to massive home renovations. Everything I know about home maintenance comes from him. I love using power tools and fidgeting with gadgets and figuring them out. When I couldn't figure things out, he was always willing to help out.

When I disappointed, he'd be the first to tell me, "It's okay. I believe in you and love you no matter what."

More importantly though, he taught me to live to help others and to put others first, which is probably why I am where I am today. Even on my recent move, he purposely took time off so he could drive an extra car down and help me move. Even when I knew he hurt his back, he acted strong and kept trying to help despite our attempts to get him to rest. I could see the tiredness in his eyes but he tried his best anyways. He's my source of inspiration and a strong pillar support during tough times. He's my dad and he's irreplaceable.

We celebrated early with my dad. We spent a day out exploring home improvement stores (surprise, surprise...his love of DIY makes these his favorite stores!) and enjoying the sun in the parks together with the pups. Then we enjoyed a nice dinner before they headed home in celebration of Father's Day.

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Happy Father's Day! Take some time this weekend to enjoy that special family moment.

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