Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Exclusive on the set #LoneRanger Featurettes! #movies

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#LoneRanger is almost here!
Photo Credit: Disney
Oh wow, I cannot believe it's almost time for the Lone Ranger to be released! It's next week! Where has this year gone? It's just one great movie after another this summer and I'm sure July 3rd promises to be another great date! While we're waiting for it though, have you seen this series of on-the-set featurettes?

The first one, “Spirit Platform,” features an interview with Armie Hammer. This is actually a pretty cool clip because you learn about how and where they filmed the Spirit Platform scene. It gave me a newfound admiration for the work that goes into movies since they wanted everything to be realistic with minimum CG.
“Cowboy Bootcamp” is the second featurette and gives a great behind the scenes look at the movie! Oh, how I'd love to train at Cowboy Bootcamp. Seriously, it looks like a ton of fun!
The hard to describe. Just watch it if you want to see action and what Johnny Depp says when he falls off a horse during filming. LOL!
The Lone Ranger - Featurette "Hi Yo Silver" gives insight on how the horses were trained to get used to the helicopters that were doing the filming in Utah's canyons.
Awesome clips to catch up on before you go see it in theaters next Wednesday!

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