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Customized #nutrition for your #furbabies! #pets

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JR & BabyPom: We've tried out a lot of different foods in our time but this time, it's a bit different. We've never had customized food before.
custom dog food
BabyPom: Well, Mommy was able to go in and put in our breed, weights, and activity levels. Surprise surprise, I'm more active than JR!

JR: After computing everything, Petbrosia sent us formulas customized for each of us. The key ingredients are the same, we chose chicken but the proportions are slightly different based on a combination of other factors. They even have recommended daily feeding amounts. The kibbles are a bit different sized but we do like it. BabyPom can't seem to decide which bowl he likes better so he keeps eating out of my bowl and his. Usually I get to do that since his food must taste better than mine, right?

JR & BabyPom: Mommy loves how they came in resealable bags. She also loved the cards that detailed the breakdown of ingredients and the percentages. However, she thinks Petbrosia should've labelled our names on the individual bag because otherwise it's hard to tell them apart if there's multiple dogs in one household. There's also no expiry date marked on there. Overall, the food tastes good and we love the idea that we get special, customized food!
tailored pet food review
JR & BabyPom: Thanks for checking us out again. Come back soon for more of our reviews. Don't forget to go enter to win 40lbs of Petbrosia customized cat or dog food!

Paws out,
JR and Baby Pom

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