Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Keeping everything away with VetGuard Plus -#Affordable #dogs #health

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JR & BabyPom: It's officially summer! BOL! That means we're out exploring our new backyard pretty much all the time. Only problem is where we've moved too. Mom's uncle joked, "Do you know what the second official bird is in MN?"
flea and tick prevention for dogs
BabyPom: That would be the mosquito! They are everywhere since there's so much water. Well, we are in the land of 10 000 lakes. Plus, there's grass everywhere.

JR: Aside from the mosquitoes, warm humid weather brings more trouble...in the form of flea and tick populations! If infected, they could cause us a whole lot of trouble including lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, tularemia and canine tick paralysis. What's troubling is that ticks are most active from spring to fall but they are present year round. We heard stories in the past from Mommy where this other puppy developed anemia thanks to a tick infection. However, you can also develop anemia from severe flea infections.

BabyPom: Plus, I had tapeworms before and it scared Mommy half to death so she's even more adamant on flea and tick prevention for dogs now. We learnt an interesting fact from the VetGuard site:
Some animals are allergic to flea saliva which can cause your pet to constantly scratch and even cause self mutilation.
JR & BabyPom: Yuck! VetGuard Plus kills existing fleas and ticks for up to 4 weeks and prevent flea eggs from developing into adults for up to 4 months.
BabyPom: I'm quite thankful that VetGuard also has mosquito prevention and killing properties. After all, when we're so low to the grass, we basically are a feast for the mosquitoes.

JR: The active ingredients include 45% Permethrin (insecticide to kill and repel adult fleas, lice, ticks, and more) and 5% Nylar (targets and destroys flea larvae). It gets applied similar to other flea and tick prevention methods, however, it's the first time that we've had it applied in 3 or more different locations along the back. Mom prefers this because we don't have a single soaked patch that takes forever to dry. You'll find 4 month supplies of VetGuard Plus for around $20 or so.
dental hygiene for dogs
JR & BabyPom: We've talked so much, it's time to have our new dog dental treats! Minties from VetIQ does the same stuff as our usual dental treats...they clean teeth, promote fresh breath and remove plaque and tartar build up. There are no artificial flavors or animal by-products and best of all, one of our buddies says it gives him less gas than some of his other dental treats. That's a total bonus for Mom but what she really likes is the vet grade quality at affordable prices. A 12oz bag at Walmart will only cost her $12.88 so it's a little more affordable than the usual ones she buys.

Paws out,
JR and Baby Pom

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