Monday, June 17, 2013

Blogger turned fashion designer? Sort of... #WhoopTee US 07/01

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Branding is an important part of one's blog. Even before branding my blog, I've loved personalization. It adds that special touch, that uniqueness that's only yours. WhoopTee is one of those sites that offers a variety of custom T-shirts. You can create your unique logo and put it on different types of tees, sweaters, or even hoodies.

I created my own design and submitted it for placement on a couple tees. Of course, the hubby was to wear a WOS shirt too. Support his wife, right? ;) I was able to choose the style and sizes of the tees. Ideally, I wanted them on black tops but because the detailing of my design was mostly grey and black, the folks at WhoopTee kindly advised me to go with white instead if I wanted bring out the intricate details more.

Shipping was decently fast. From the time I submitted and got the design printer ready, I had my shirts a little over a week afterwards. The print outs were great. The pictures gorgeous as I had meant them to be. The colors were spot on for the most part. The brown printed a bit green in parts but were still passable. The only part of the images that didn't work were my QR codes. None of them read, so note to self: Don't try to print QR codes onto tees!
Custom WOS fashion shirts
The hubby's regular men's t-shirt was a perfect fit and reflected the sizing chart well. Mine, however, wasn't so well-fitted. I'm posing and holding the Bella women's tee in such a way that it looks more flattering than it really did. I ordered according to their sizing chart and got a large with a chest measurement of 16.75". However, my large that arrived had a chest measurement of 18.75", which was more of a 2XL size. My excitement turned to disappointment when I saw how large my shirt was.

Lucky for me, WhoopTee was great in their customer service and contacted me about the shirts first. When I told them of the sizing mishap, they offered to make amends. They sent me a new shirt that was much more like the measurements I had found online. It was still a little big at 17" but still, much more reasonable than the previous shirt. Needless to say, I'm much happier and am glad to have found a shop with such fabulous customer service.

Now are you an ultimate WOS fan? WhoopTee has offered to send 4 of my readers 1 of my customized WOS shirts, yes, designed by me! Each shirt is worth $25. Enter on the Giveaway Tools form below from Jun 17 10PM EST to Jul 01 11:59PM EST. Open to US 18+. Good luck! Please take the time to enter my other giveaways while you're here.

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