Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Monstrously Fun Post! #MonstersU

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#MonstersU Beastly Breakfast Blitz Game
Can you believe Monsters University is almost here! I'm really looking forward to my first screening in my new city and as fate would have it, it's Monsters University! Whoot whoot! In serious excitement and anticipation, I bring to you this #MonstersU round up. I just spent a good 15 minutes playing the Monsters U Beastly Breakfast Blitz game on the Milk Mustache site. OMG, it is seriously addicting. Tips for it include using your direction keys, down to make the breakfast items and pick it up. Up to deliver. LOL, I kept using my mouse to click and was failing miserably to begin with.

I think I only made it through 4-5 days, teehee! How many can you make it through? Alright, that was a workout for my fingers, so break time with these awesome clips.

Watch the "First Contact" clip for Mike & Sulley’s first morning as members of the Oozma Kappa brotherhood.
"ROR Material" Clip shows Sulley recruitment into the Roar Omega Roar brotherhood.
"OK Initiation" Clip...LOL, the sacred Oozma Kappa's initiation ritual gets a monstrously hilarious interruption.
Last but not least is the final exam trailer, students...once you watch this clip, you may go ahead and download the free printables if and only if you passed. Bwahaha, just kidding!
Now that you've enjoyed all these side-splitting clips, don't forget to download these FREE MonstersU printable activity sheets for your little ones. Just click the image to download. I've consolidated the memory cards, MU ID, design your own school crest and pin the MU badge on Archie all in one file. Just click the image to download.
Watch Disney-Pixar's Monsters University in theaters June 21st.

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