Friday, June 21, 2013

#MonstersU is simply...Amazing! Spoiler-free #movies #review

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Disney Pixar's Monsters University Review
I've waited 11 years for this to happen. I'm talking about Monsters University. Excitement brewed in me as I sat waiting anxiously for what was to come. Back in the days when there was an energy crisis, we needed to enlist the help of potential future scarers. No joke, our movie was powered by scream power. Screams of attendees rocked our theater to get the movie started.

Oh, and did it ever start...with an adorable Mike Wazowski on a field trip where the dreams of becoming a scarer first began. It mattered not that he was an awkward green fellow with just one eye, or that he looked more cute than scary. He had a dream and he was determined to fulfill it.

Fast forward into the future and we see Mike entering MU for the first time. But where is Sulley?

For those of you who watched the clip I posted previously, you may remember their fated meeting involved Archie the mascot. Sulley was trying to catch him to gain entry into the campus' most prestigious sorority, Roar Omega Roar.

The storyline proceeds to show how this jock of jocks and out-of-sorts scare major end up developing to be the best of friends and perhaps, the best tag team the monster world has ever seen. Of course, it has to be after an adventure of sorts involving all sorts of troubles.

To me, Monsters U isn't just a prequel, it's a monstrous beginning to an already awesome series. Well done, Disney-Pixar! You've managed to capture my heart and laughter again.
#MonstersU now playing!'s in theaters today and you won't want to miss it! There were a bunch of great cameos of characters we've seen in Monsters Inc. and oh, watch for the classic Pixar images that they sneak into all their movies!

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