Sunday, August 4, 2013

#Frockstar Summer Calling! #Free Blogger Sign ups

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Karina Dresses
It's summer time! With the gorgeous sun out and beautiful skies, there's nothing quite like sitting outside at bars and restaurants with great food and people.

My summer staple wear though has got to include my Karina Dresses.

You've seen me in them multiple times but they're what I reach for in the morning when I'm too exhausted to pick out a new outfit. They're quick, easy, and beautiful. Plus, they help me easily transition from work to happy hour seamlessly, if I may say so myself. What do you think?
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Nora Retro Dots in XS
What do you wear during the summer time? How would you like to win a year's worth of Karina Dresses valued at $2000?! That's coming up soon! So just hang tight if you're a reader.

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