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Strong, beautiful & a hell of a warrior - @JaimieAlexander as Sif #ThorDarkWorldEvent #ThorDarkWorld

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During our #ThorDarkWorldEvent, I also had the opportunity to interview Jaimie Alexander (Sif), the lone female warrior in the movie. That to me is H-O-T. As you know, I love strong women. Great female characters that promote independence and strength and hey, they can still look gorgeous too. Apparently, she also quite likes the role.

Let's face it though, we all wanted to know if she had a romantic interest in the movie. Who does our strong heroine like. They've always hinted at Thor even in the first movie but it's moreso in the comics. Jaimie was saying that they hint at it a little in the movie but it's always fun and done to appease the fans.

To prepare herself for this role, she partook in a pretty fun exercise regimen. Fun because if I had the time to do it, I'd think it'd be fun. She did 2 months of weight lifting, reformer, pilates, and fight training with a stunt girl. She even took lessons with a dialect coach to work on her accent.

Although in reality, Jaimie might have already been brought up in the role, having been grown up in a family of 4 brothers. She was a school wrestler. She has tattoos. Jaimie was so forth front about certain parts of her that aren't "Hollywood standard", including her "less than A cup", yet she's proud of herself. She speaks at schools about positive body image and that's a great thing to promote. She loves that her role portrays Sif as all covered up but yet "feminine and tough".
Jaimie Alexander on her role, Sif, in Thor: The Dark World #ThorDarkWorldEvent
On Sif's personality though, Jaimie likes that Sif is selfless, and believes that "it's one of her greatest strengths but also a downfall." However, she does everything respectfully without tearing anyone down. A great characteristic that Jaimie tries to adopt into her own life.

Many of you asked about Wonder Woman. Well, Jaimie's has always looked up to Wonder Woman and Sigourney Weaver. In her words, Sigourney Weaver had "humor while being stoic, powerful and feminine." Sigourney is her ideal woman and was someone she always looked up to. Coincidentally, Sif is modeled after Sigourney Weaver.

As for whether she'll show up in Avengers 2, she's not sure. Her favorite part of the movie includes when she gets to do a back flip off a horse, which sounds amazingly fun by the way with the appropriate wiring and protection. That and a corridor fight scene. She does do most of her own stunts, which I admire except for the ones that aren't humanly possible, like being "lit on fire" --those required CG.

Remember what we said about her cup size earlier? Well, besides having to wear two corsets in the movie for the costume, they also padded her chest. Luckily, they had the first movie to update and make the costumes more comfortable and easier to move in. She starts in a lace up corset and then the next layer is metal so it took some time to break in.

In terms of future opportunities, Jaimie would love to see Lady Loki to come into the picture, so that she could play both characters!

And on a fun note, I found it hilarious that Jaimie admitted to the crew making fart noses when film not rolling to make each other laugh. Fun times on the set! Catch Thor: The Dark World in theaters now.

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