Monday, November 19, 2012

Hilarious #ConnectingFlights Trailer! #spon

Have you seen the #ConnectingFlights trailer yet? Oh my, it totally cracked me up. I went from:
-Mmhmm, I've had tons of connecting flights before so I can relate to...
-I want to watch this!! to...
-Huh? They're bloggers? That's kinda awesome and hilarious! to...
-OMG, I can't stop laughing! But I still want to see the movie.

I have so many connecting flight stories. An early one was when my SO and I had to catch this super early flight at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris. It was something ridiculous at 4am so we had flown into the airport the night before and ended up trying to find somewhere to sleep. Yes, in the airport. When we heard it was an international airport, we had thought there'd be benches somewhere once you pass customs but nope. We had to exit the inner area at night and you couldn't go back in until they opened in the morning. We were stuck at where you were supposed to check in, trying to figure out where we could sleep.
Dublin Airport during my layover in 2008
Another time, I don't even remember now the airport we were stuck at. It was somewhere in Europe though and we were sleeping on the benches and really, wherever we could find space. And the time we had a connecting flight in Dublin, just because it was a ridiculously cheap flight from RyanAir. The list goes on...I am totally experienced in living at an airport between flights!

My latest experience though was awesome because I got to connect with a fellow blogger from New York who I didn't even know before the press trip we were both invited on. It just so happened we were on the same flight so we got a great chance to chat and get to know each other. So, not all connecting flights are bad. Now check out this hilarious trailer that'll make you want to watch Connecting Flights too!
Sears did a great job, right? Haha! Now tell me, have you been stuck in a situation like this before? What happened?

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Michelle said...[Reply]

After reading posts like yours, I feel like I haven't missed anything by not flying before!

Misty Kearns said...[Reply]

Too funny, most of my flights have been really good thankfully!

East9thStreet said...[Reply]

I've had crazy flight experiences. Once our flight was diverted because of wind at the Traverse City airport so they flew us to Saginaw and the bused us to Traverse City. In the midst of the all the waiting, some guy went crazy and open the emergency exit door and tried to jump out. The flight attendant ended up giving every free drinks because at that point, what could you do?

Ronni Keller said...[Reply]

I haven't heard of this!! I kinda need to watch it now!
I had a layover and connecting flights when I was traveling with my 2 youngest kids (3,4 at the time) we were stuck in JFK and the 4yr old was so sick and puked all over the waiting area... twice. It was awful. Funny now. Not so much back then :)

Ellen said...[Reply]

I just love this video! Definitely a giggle!

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