Thursday, November 22, 2012

Getting that perfect hair cut and style at home #holidaygiftguide

Christmas Gift Ideas 2012
With the holiday season coming up soon, have you started shopping yet? A girl does need to pamper herself at times and I’ve got several fun and easy beauty products that work quick and have lasting results! Learn how to cut your own bangs and trim split ends in a flash and get that perfect bounce in your hair.
How to cut perfect bangs, trim split ends at home
Bango® by PRO Beauty Tools® ($19.99) is a sweet way to cut your own bangs perfectly and just like a professional stylist each time. It works on bangs, split ends and top-layers. They do also say it works wonders on men’s and children’s hair but I haven’t yet tried that out yet. I have, however, used it to trim my own bangs and shorten my layers that have been growing out. I was initially working on just my bangs. I ended up trimming my top layers too because it was so easy to use. The kit includes a Bango®, a 6” pair of precision shears, 2 sectioning clips, a comb and an instructional DVD.

You clip the Bango on, position it, and cut along the teeth marks. The only time I had trouble using it was when I was working on the back of my head. I actually called in the SO to do it. Secretly, I was petrified at what could have happened but I quickly my fears unfounded. In fact, we did such a good job on it that when I recently attended Barkworld, I actually got a few compliments. Teehee! Now think of all that money you can save because you’ve just saved yourself a trip to the salon. This is a must have this holiday season!
Laila Ali, four-time world champion boxer, has a new line of styling appliances. The products feature multiple heat settings and ceramic and titanium technology. All so you can have great looking styles, while protecting your hair and keeping it healthy. The Ceramic Straightener ($34.99) boasts a 1” ceramic plates that smooth thick and lively hair easily. Unfortunately, there are no curls for me, just a bit of frizz and somewhat dull, flat hair. What I typically use straighteners for is to style and add volume to my hair, which was particularly easy with this straightener due to the rounded edges. It also heated up quickly within 30 seconds and shuts off automatically. I also appreciated the recommended heat settings for different types of hair.
how to curl or straighten your hair at home
Since I have thin hair, they recommended a low temperature setting of 1-5. Those with thick or wavy hair would use a high setting of 11-15. Only thing is, the straightener only has settings marked as low, medium, high, and max. I found with the low setting to adequately straighten my hair and reduce frizz but not really curl. I had to amp up the heat to get a few curls. A green light flickers until it reaches the right temperature; at which point, it becomes a solid green. Easy enough to use but comparable straighteners can be found for similar pricing.

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Unknown said...[Reply]

I'd love to try The Ceramic Straightener but I am not sure about cutting my own hair LOL. Happy Thanksgiving.

Michelle said...[Reply]

These sound like great products. I have really long hair and always get frustrated because it seems like I constantly am finding split ends. :)

KathleenKL said...[Reply]

WE were just talking about which straightner to buy this morning at the parade--thanks for the great review!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...[Reply]

Oh! I want this. My hair is always so freezy!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

The Bango sounds like a great product that I could use, as I have been unemployed for the past couple of years and getting a "regular" haircut/trim is a thing of the past for me - it's more like a "once a year" thing for me now. :)

doodlebug said...[Reply]

Sounds like a great product for those that are brave enough to do it themselves. I usually wait until my hair is so long I can't stand it anymore and then I brave a trip to the salon to get it chopped off nice and short.

Rachel Victoria said...[Reply]

I'm actually looking for a new straightener because mine is cracked. I like that this one turns off automatically!!! I always forget to turn mine off!

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