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Making good use out of leftover Turkey! #TacoTues #Recipes US 12/14

Wholly GuacamoleCabot Cheese
Well, how much turkey did you end up with as leftovers? What about stuffing? For us, we had a ton of breast meat left over and we couldn't just give it all to the dogs, right? I'm sure they'd have loved it though. Instead, we created two simple and easy recipes with the help of our friends from Wholly Guacamole and Cabot Cheese. Are you ready? Both are simple, easy and absolutely delicious!
Easy recipes made from leftover turkey and stuffing
Zesty Soft Turkey Wraps
-leftover turkey breast strips
-leftover stuffing
-Soft Taco Wraps
-Homestyle Wholly Guacamole (or your favorite Wholly Guac flavor)
-Pepper Jack Cabot Cheese (thin sliced)
Zesty Soft Turkey Wraps Recipes
1) Spread Homestyle Wholly Guac on the soft wraps, leaving a 1/2" perimeter.
2) Add leftover turkey strips, stuffing, and a slice of Pepper Jack Cabot Cheese.
3) Pop in microwave for 30 seconds, wrap and enjoy.
Easy Dinner Recipes
Mini Taco Cups
-leftover turkey chopped and shredded into tiny pieces
-leftover stuffing
-Tostitos Scoops
-Homestyle Wholly Guacamole
-Pepper Jack Cabot Cheese

1) Scoop 1/2 tsp of Homestyle Wholly Guacamole into each Tostito Scoop.
2) Top with shredded turkey and a small piece of Cabot Pepper Jack Cheese.
3) Pop in microwave for 10 seconds.
4) Top with 1/2 tsp of stuffing and serve.
Leftover Turkey and Stuffing appetizer recipes
We were in love! The homestyle Wholly Guacamole and Pepper Jack cheese gave it a bit of a kick, which made it all the more heavenly! They made for a great mouthwatering combination. If your kids can't handle the heat, try Classic Wholly Guacamole with Light Cheddar Cabot Cheese instead. Did you know Wholly Guacamole products and Cabot Cheese Cheddars are ALL natural and gluten free? Neat, right?

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Suburban Style Challenge said...[Reply]

I love the idea of using Scoops chips as little tiny taco shells! Adorable, and great for a snack or appetizer. I'd never think to do this, let alone do it with leftover turkey.

Miriam T. said...[Reply]

So one time I tried Shepherd's pie, which is supposed to be such an "awesome" way to use left overs. I didn't get it. This recipe, however, looks like a tasty way to use turkey day left overs. I love that it uses both the turkey and the stuffing. nom nom.

Bre Dale said...[Reply]

I want to try both recipes, looks sooo good. These are really smart!

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...[Reply]

The mini taco cups are perfect game day appetizers!

Grace Hodgin said...[Reply]

I needed this recipe. I need to use up my left over turkey. I thought I was being so clever in buying a 22lbs turkey to have lots of left overs but I'm suddenly re-thinking how clever it really was now that I'm kind of tired of turkey. Making with this may help.

Ellen said...[Reply]

Oh those look so good! I cannot wait to try them!

Katy Rose said...[Reply]

everything is better with spicy cheese!!- Katy

Candace Karu said...[Reply]

I love that you used stuffing as well as the leftover turkey in these tasty Taco Tuesday recipes! I'm glad I have both left over-can't wait to try them. We’ve pinned your recipe on Cabot’s Taco Tuesday Pinterest board and will be tweeting out all the Wholly Guacamole/Cabot recipes over the next few weeks.Thanks so much for supporting Cabot’s farm family owners.

CinnyBBS said...[Reply]

@Candace Karu, Thanks for pinning! I hope you'll enjoy it. This helped to finish a lot of our leftovers!

CinnyBBS said...[Reply]

@Grace Hodgin, LOL, that is a big turkey! And I thought my 12 lb turkey was big!

emaalyon said...[Reply]

I love those taco cups! Wholly Guacamole is so great!

Lena B said...[Reply]

I heard so much about it - really want to try it

Michelle Cantu said...[Reply]

oh my, I'm hungry and this looks amazing. I am a huge fan of wholly guacamole

Mallery said...[Reply]

Those look so good! We send everyone home with a doggy bag so we don't end up with any leftovers.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...[Reply]

Those look amazing!!! I really want to try it!

Tiffany Cruz said...[Reply]

Yum, those look really good.

Anne Younger said...[Reply]

Those look delish!

Susie B. Homemaker said...[Reply]

Great ideas for leftover turkey. Definitely better than a boring turkey sandwich. lol

Felissa Hadas said...[Reply]

I love avocado I love Cabot cheese and I regularly make tortillas! So even minus the turkey which I don't eat these are both great recipes. Going to have to buy a package of Wholly Guacamole! I am going to have to come back because I would love to win this prize pack!

Sandy a la Mode said...[Reply]

love the turkey wrap idea!

Sandy a la Mode

barkergirl33 said...[Reply]

Great post but now I'm starving :) The Zesty soft wraps look SO goood, I love guacamole-i can't wait to give all of these a try. Thanks for the ideas. (Raine on giveaway forms)

Cheap Is The *New* Classy said...[Reply]

I like to use left over turkey for sandwiches and casseroles. :)

Dawn McAlexander

Cheap Is The *New* Classy said...[Reply]

From Cabot I would like to try Vermont Sharp {well, really any...I love cheese} and from Wholly Guacamole I would like to try the Queso...I think that is really all I haven't tried from them.}

Dawn McAlexander

wendym said...[Reply]

It looks like a recipe I would eat. We usually just make sandwiches with the leftover Turkey.

wendym at cableone dot net

wendym said...[Reply]

I would like to try the Cabot Pepper Jack Cheese and I would like to the Spicy Wholly Guacamole.

wendym at cableone dot net

Grown and Flown Writers said...[Reply]

Love having a package of Wholly Guacamole in the fridge just in case I decide to cook Tex Mex.

Sallee Glickler said...[Reply]

I have done a version of Shepherd's Pie using leftover turkey and chicken gravy. It was so good!

Sallee Glickler said...[Reply]

I would love to try the Wholly Guacamole® Homestyle dip, and the Reserve Aged Cheddar

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I just make turkey salad and turkey sandwhiches. and I will try this recipe.
Holly W

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I'd like to try Cabot Pepper Jack Cheese & Wholly Homestyle Dip
Holly W

Crafty said...[Reply]

I make turkey soup.

Crafty said...[Reply]

I would like to try the Wholly Salsa® Roasted Tomato dip

Kimberly said...[Reply]

We usually have our leftover turkey in a casserole with noodles and cheese. This recipe sounds good.

Kimberly said...[Reply]

I would like to try the Red Pepper Mango Salsa

Allyson Bossie said...[Reply]

Right after Thanksgiving, I use All the leftovers, Turkey, Dressing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and anything else other than dessert to make a pot pie. I learned this from an Episode of Rachel Ray and it is to die for

Allyson Bossie said...[Reply]

Hot Buffalo Wing Cheddar and Red pepper mango salsa
masugr at yahoo dot com

Diana Stanhope said...[Reply]

This sounds great. I usually grind my leftover Turkey into a sandwich spread.

Diana Stanhope said...[Reply]

I would like to try the pineapple salsa and sharp cheddar cheese.

Tammy Shelton said...[Reply]

Usually I'm just boring... it's Turkey on White Bread Sandwiches. Any and all of your recipes sould soooo much better!
tammyshelton at hotmail dot com

Tammy Shelton said...[Reply]

Everyone in my family loves Wholly Guacamole and we'd like to try Cabot Pepper Jack Cheese.

tammyshelton at homail dot com

Naomi said...[Reply]

We love Wholly Guacamole, and Pepper Jack Cheese would just make it all the better! Sure would love to win this!

Kit Kat said...[Reply]

Well, I usually make turkey gumbo with turkey leftovers. However, I will definitely try this with the turkey for Christmas. Thanks Cinny.

naomi c said...[Reply]

this recipe looks great! we usually end up with leftovers that taste like... leftovers :(

naomi c said...[Reply]

the wholly salsa and the flavored cheddar cheese (like chipotle) look super yummy!

maryo said...[Reply]

I use leftover turkey by making sandwiches (open faced) with gravy over meat.

Kay Maher said...[Reply]

I love this recipe! I usually make croquettes (which my family loves) but I will have to try this recipe soon.

nicolesender said...[Reply]

I use leftover hot turkey with gravy on lightly toasted bread.

Familyof5 said...[Reply]

I make Turkey sandwich


Familyof5 said...[Reply]

I like Wholly Guacamole® Classic dip


Katie Fenters said...[Reply]

I make turkey sandwiches and bbq turkey cups with leftover turkey

Katie Fenters said...[Reply]

I would like to try the Spicy Guacamole from Wholly Guacamole and the Chipotle Chedder from Cabot.

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