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Quick, easy #Turkey snacks & #Recipes from Jennie-O

Make the Switch
In this household, we love our nachos and tacos. We've always made our own tacos and ordered the Beef steak nachos from our favorite Mexican place. We've never really tried pre-packaged snacks and appetizers in the form of nachos and tacos before. Further, despite how much we loved the nachos, I am always reeling from the amount of calories in each order! Wouldn't it be awesome to find one with a healthier option?

I recently found out about Jennie-O, a company that uses turkey as the meat base. They recently came out with Turkey Tacos Mini Soft Taco Kits and Turkey Nachos Mini Nachos Kits. Everything you need comes in those kits and with a 2 minutes, they're ready to be snacked on.

JENNIE-O Turkey Tacos Mini Soft Taco Kits ($5.99) comes with 6oz of fully cooked, taco-seasoned ground turkey, 8 x 4" tortillas and 3oz shredded cheese. The Turkey Nachos Mini Nachos Kits ($5.99) come with 6oz of fully cooked, taco-seasoned ground turkey, 4oz of tortilla chips and 3oz shredded cheese.
easy nachos, taco
The nachos work out to about 290 calories per serving (total 4-4.5 servings) versus an average of 500+ calories in regular beef and cheese nachos. With Jennie-O's Turkey versions, you can enjoy the same goodies with less calories. The tray was easy to use but the cheese does stick to the tray pretty badly. Putting it on with about an 1" margin from the edge of the tray would probably work best.

The tacos were just as easy. Heat up the turkey, slab it onto the wraps, top with cheese and you're done. I'd recommend taking the wraps out of the fridge half hour prior to eating though.

Overall, both kits were easy to use and prepare. We loved the taste but the seasoned turkey was a bit salty even for the SO who loves his salt.

Speaking of you have leftover turkey? Jennie-O has some awesome recipes you can incorporate with your leftovers! Here's a yummy one:

Jennie-O Pulled Turkey Barbeque Sandwiches (6 servings)
-About 18 oz. of leftover Turkey
-1 cup low-sodium barbeque sauce
-6 buns, split
-1/2 cup coleslaw

1) Combine turkey and barbeque sauce in slow cooker. Cook on HIGH 3 hours or LOW 6 hours. Always cook turkey to well-done, 165°F. as measured by a meat thermometer.
2) Remove turkey from slow cooker. Reserve 1/4 cup sauce mixture. Shred turkey with fork.
3) Top bottom half of bun with turkey mixture. Drizzle with reserved sauce. Add coleslaw. Cover with bun top.

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Jennifer S. said...[Reply]

I had never seen this kit! Very good to know because we have taco nights at least once a week. We really should switch to ground turkey!!

Unknown said...[Reply]

I've never heard of or seen this kit, but I've been trying to include turkey in our meals more, so I'm going to give this a try!

Sippy Cup Mom said...[Reply]

I haven't seen these kits but I would love to find them! We love JO turkey!

The Rebel Chick said...[Reply]

I should try those turkey nachos!

ann said...[Reply]

This is a new product that I havent seen in the store yet made by Jennie-O , tho I am familiar with their products. This is something different with the turkey that I never would have thought of trying. We like nachos and Im sure my family would enjoy these- especially on a TV game night

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