Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hasbro has zAPPed me again! #holidaygiftguide

Christmas Gift Ideas 2012
Hasbro ipad games review
zAPPed games from Hasbro are so much fun! Remember the Monopoly zAPPed game I reviewed? There's new ones out, just in time for the holiday season. Combine your toys withe the iPad for an integrative and interactive experience!
Battleship zAPPed game review
BATTLESHIP zAPPed EDITION is a game that challenges your dexterity and fine movement as you take on challenges to save the world from alien attacks. Using one of 3 battleships on your iPad screen, you maneuver the ship in battles. Each ship has different types of weapons. There’s the radar for detecting friend or foe, different weapons to shoot with, and equipment to pick up. This game is recommended for those ages 8+. It’s a 1 player game that takes a bit of time to get used to. Holding the ship down makes it go faster and figuring how to maneuver the ship and aim your weapons properly is definitely a challenge. Your performance on missions is ranked from 1 star to 3 stars. 3 stars is the best. Ha! Well, obviously, since I was busy taking pictures, it took me forever to complete Mission 1. ;)
spellshot zAPPed game review
SPELLSHOT zAPPed EDITION is another battle game that uses adorable characters. This 2 player game’s characters feature the 4 elements –Earth, Air, Fire and Water. With cute graphics and attacks based on spells you cast by drawing symbols, it’s a race to collect all the treasure first. Two players battle each other through different worlds. It was kind of neat how the app just recognizes the wizard you decide to place on the screen. This game was a bit hard to figure out at first. You’re not going at each other, just racing each other to pick up the treasure first. Each wizard has several types of attacks. If you choose a weaker attack, only you cast a spell, which kind of gives you an advantage in the sense that your opponent doesn’t get to advance but you create less new space in which you can move. If you go for a spell that creates more space for you to move towards the treasure, you also allow your opponent to cast a spell at the same time. Well, that’s if they can draw the spell correctly. It won’t work if you draw it badly and the game will call it a “Miss”. Again, this is recommended for ages 8+ but I feel some 7 year olds may be able to play this just fine. It’s a bit easier to play with than Battleship and fun for competition between friends or family members.

Both of these games are easily addictive and would be awesome stocking stuffers at $17.99! However, there are small pieces involved so I wouldn’t recommend playing around small children. There’s always a choking hazard.

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Marina@EBMR said...[Reply]

Hasbro always has some really fun games!

Unknown said...[Reply]

I love Hasbro! I will have to look at those games for my little one. They look like something he would enjoy.

Brianne said...[Reply]

We love Hasbro, they always have the best games!

Liz Mays said...[Reply]

It sounds fun but complicated. I'm thinking it's one of those games that you need to play to understand it well.

Marci said...[Reply]

Hasbro is always good at fun games! I love to try the new ones all the time!

say said...[Reply]

Right now my son's favorite game is Battleship. He would love this.

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