Wednesday, October 10, 2012

#WordlessWednesday: #Frankenweenie-fy your pets! #DisneyMoviesEvent

Have you checked out #Frankenweenie yet? It just came out this past weekend!! I just can't seem to stop talking about because it is just so fun! Disney's also been keeping me busy with all the awesome Frankenweenie activities they have. For this week's Wordless Wednesday, I present to you...Frankenweenie-fy your pet! I put BabyPom and JR through the Frankenweenie process and well, they still look pretty adorable after the process. Ready? When babies attack...
BabyPom and JR Frankenweenie
Pretty cute, huh? Go Frankenweenie-fy your pet! Oh, and if you haven't seen Mr. Whiskers, are you ever missing out on his psychic capabilities. Meet Mr. Whiskers here!
Now...would you like to see your future? Click on the image to speak with the furry psychic.
Frankenweenie is already in theaters so check it out for a great spooky time with your family! Need Halloween inspirations? Download Frankenweenie masks and recipes!

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Nikki said...[Reply]

What a cute idea! My cats would murder me in my sleep if I dressed them up, but one of my dogs is really tolerant of that sort of thing!

Unknown said...[Reply]

AWESOME! Love it - thank you... btw - cant wait to see this movie

Unknown said...[Reply]

Those are cute! I think it would freak my kids out to see our cat like that! lol.

My kids and I really want to see this movie. I hope we get a chance to.

Felissa Hadas said...[Reply]

That is a little freaky. I think I prefer baby pom less horror movie but that's just me.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

So cute and love how you covered it on your blog :)

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