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Ever wished you had Cue Cards for Life? Thoughtful Tips for Better Relationships

Christmas Gift Ideas 2012Cue Cards for Life, Gentle reminders for better relationships review
No matter who you are in life, there’s always people you’ll have to deal with…unless you never leave your house. It is your choice, however, how that relationship develops. I interact with a variety of people on a daily basis. How do you think I do? I’ll be honest, I’m actually quite shy around people. Once I get to know you though, that’s a different story. It takes time and effort and a lot of trial and error. I am a blunt, I don’t beat around the bush. What you see is what you get…Ha! So, sometimes I get misunderstood. It’s too bad I didn’t have Christina’s book earlier. I could’ve avoided the awkwardness that came after I asked a little old lady if she was coming home after visiting family. Her response…

"I just came for my sister’s funeral. It was too soon. She shouldn’t have gone so early." Explosions went off in my head as I thought how did I ever step on that landmine. Of all the questions I could’ve asked, I asked the worst one possible. Maybe it’s just my luck. Christina Steinorth is a psychotherapist and throughout her experience, she has noticed similar communication problems among her clients. From there, Cue Cards for Life was born, providing tips for a happy, healthy, and successful life. It somewhat acts as a How to guide for relationships, all sorts of them. The book is separated into different chapters for different types of relationships.
Chirstina Steinorth
Christina emphasizes little tips and reminders that will help you communicate effectively with others, minimize conflict, and handle life transitions with greater ease.

Cue Cards for Life Reminders for Better Relationships was a quick and easy read. Each cue card featured short and sweet tips, some maybe even obvious. As obvious as they may be, we still screw it up at times. I’m guilty of interrupting others. I don’t mean to and I know it’s rude but sometimes I get so caught up in my conversations that I simply forget. A gentle reminder would have helped and that’s what these cue cards are here for.

Here’s something I liked from the chapter, Cue Cards for Social Sensitivity: "Address awkward situations; don’t avoid or ignore them". I personally appreciate it when people tell me I have a bit of green stuck in my teeth. LOL, I know, some people won’t say anything because they’re worried it’d be awkward. Believe me, it’s more awkward when you’ve been wandering around, chatting with people with that little piece of green stuck in your teeth the whole time! Tell me so I can get rid of it and save myself from more embarrassment and deal with the problem immediately.
how to make relationships work
Another good one is "It’s okay to have nothing to say." I know a few people who could use that tip! Overall, this book is great for some light reading. You can read it in chunks, by chapters, or however you like. There’s no particular order to it. It’d be a great self-help book for everyone, even if you already consider yourself a relationship expert. There’s interesting cue cards and tips in here for everyone. In fact, it’d be a great stocking stuffer this holiday season for anyone and everyone. We could all use a bit of help in our relationships!

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Mama Luvs Books said...[Reply]

This looks pretty cool to check out! I like books you can flip around to find specific advice!

KathleenKL said...[Reply]

Cue cards remind me that people need a little help every now and then--like when we adopted--just says congrats!! its like birthing a baby except I had to fly around the world to get her--instead of being in labor!

ATLanta Saving Moms said...[Reply]

Wonderful review and this is very interesting. :) Thanks for sharing.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...[Reply]

I love your review. I am interested to buy it!

Ellen said...[Reply]

What a great resource. Looks like it would make a great gift!

Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired said...[Reply]

This sounds so helpful. I'll have to check it out.

Unknown said...[Reply]

There is something in my book for everyone--Love Relationships, Parent/Teen Relationships, Adult Children/Aging Parents--it's the perfect gift for just about everyone on your list. Also, just between us ladies--one of the best parts about the book is if you see something you think your hubby should read, you can mention it to him as "Honey, I think you'd find these two cue cards interesting" and he'll read them because he WANTS to make you happy and NEVER has to read the whole book (well, maybe not in that order, but you know ;) lol) Please enter the giveaway and share this with your friends--everyone could use this book! Just think how much better everyone's relationships would be!

Unknown said...[Reply]

I think it would be great to win a copy of Cue Cards, because we could all use the help in certain circumstances during our lives.

barkergirl33 said...[Reply]

These are really cool, I could use these-I'm quite stubborn and short tempered, I need something to make me pause, think and try a different approach, I'll add them to my wishlist! Great find!

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