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Cellnique skincare
It's no joke when a woman talks about her skincare. Trust me, I've learnt at a young age the importance of taking care of my skin and it pays off. Many of the PR companies or blogger friends meet me and think I'm much younger than I really am. It has its pros and cons because I do risk not being taken seriously due to my young experience. LOL! Curious what I use? I'm here to share my newest discovery...Cellnique!

I had never even heard of the brand a couple of months ago. Not once did it cross my mind that I'd use it. However, now that I've tried it, it may just be a keeper! Let's go over what I received. First up is the Skin Action Sebum Gel (30ml/$51) which helps to reduce blackheads and whiteheads. They claim to leave the skin with clear, smooth, visible results in just 10 days of use with all skin types. Essentially, it helps to control excess sebum, reduce skin inflammation, while helping your skin retain moisture and improving elasticity. I have an oily T-zone and no matter what I've used, nose pore strips, nose masks, etc...I've never been able to get rid of my black/white heads and the little bumps on my nose. I wanted to take a picture for you but my cam wouldn't focus very well. After my use of this, I was surprised, it wasn't completely gone but it was definitely reduced. Even after several days use, I noticed my skin starting to smooth out. I used this product after my shower and it always left my face feeling refreshed.

Then before I went to bed for the night, I used the Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion Moisturizing cream (30g/$73) kind of as a night cream. You don't have to but that's just the way I wanted to try this regimen. This emulsion is specially designed to repair damaged cells and promote the healing process again suitable for all ages and skin types. This was another pleasant surprise. It carries a very very light scent, just like the Sebum Gel, and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft right after application. It's a lighter cream that feels like it moisturizes and protects without the greasy feel of a heavier cream. My favorite parts of this cream is that not only does it soften and moisturize my skin, it also has anti-oxidant, lightening and repair properties. My acne scars usually take longer to heal and with this, it's been lightening the scar colors much quicker.
Advanced bio renewal mask, masque review
L bottom: After Mask rinsed off R: Advanced Bio Renewal Mask
I use the Advanced Bio Renewal Masque (50g/$51) in the morning, an exfoliating mask for all ages and skin types. Formulated with a complex of fresh fruit enzymes and acids, it helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and deep cleanse the pores. They also state that it has anti-aging properties and gives instant lightening, brightening and whitening effects. I rather liked the scent of the mask as it was a fruity, citrusy scent, a bit like pineapples. The instant whitening, lightening and brightening effect is true. My face came out looking refreshed and youthful besides being silky smooth. What bothered me a bit is that there are no instructions on the box or on their site as to how you're supposed to use it. There is no indication of how long you're supposed to leave the mask on or if you should scrub before rinsing. So, here are my tips. As with all exfoliating masks, never use it on a daily basis. I would recommend once to twice a week because the granules are a bit large. For me, the mask started drying around the 5 minute mark but I left it for about 20 minutes when it felt more taut. Then as I rinsed, I scrubbed in a circular motion for the exfoliating effect for several minutes, focusing especially on the trouble parts of my face.

Last but not least is the Derma Brightening Complex (30ml/$45) that helps to even out skin discoloration or uneven skin tones. Again, it's suitable for all skin types and ages. The line that caught my attention was regarding the product's ability to "suppress melanogenesis while facilitating cell renewal process." That means that it suppresses the pigment producing cells so that as new cells are produced. That's the mechanism behind how it removes skin discolorations and uneven skin tones. It comes in a droplet bottle form. I've been using it on my scars and even my SO's scar and so far, I haven't noticed a change yet but skin regeneration takes a while so results may still happen in the future.

Overall, my experience with Cellnique showed that results do happen. Although, it does seem a bit pricey, I do believe the cost is worth it especially with the sale they have going on right now and their free shipping worldwide policy. Use the Buy 2, Get 1 Free code below to maximize your savings!

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About a Mom said...[Reply]

I always need good exfoliating skincare products. I haven't heard of this brand before. Thanks for sharing!

Zippy said...[Reply]

WOW -- that looks like it would be perfect for my skin. Thank you.

The Couponista said...[Reply]

Love this review! I have super sensitive skin and have to learn a lot about a product before I can try it. I appreciate this post! :)

Losito said...[Reply]

These look like great products! Thanks for the review.

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