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Digging into the minds of the people behind #WreckItRalph #DisneyMoviesEvent

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I knew Wreck-It Ralph was going to be a great film the first time I saw the trailer. After our interview with director, Rich Moore, and producer, Clark Spencer, I came to have a greater appreciation of the work that goes into each animated film. The question on the top of my mind, of course, was how they came up for the idea for the film. Disney always seems to come up with these amazing ideas that get turned into film and they make it look easy.

Rich Moore responded to my question and told me the development of Wreck-It Ralph started back in November 2008 and was "about 3.5 years in the making" and took about 300 artists. Can you imagine how much work goes into the production of one of these films? The concept arose from how video games are so loved by people so they wanted to make a film about it. However, two days in, Rich Moore thought "it'd be a bad idea because it was boring to have the characters doing their everyday thing." Then they thought, "What if the bad guy didn't like his game?" Am I ever glad they continued to pursue that path because it turned out to be a helluva movie.
#WreckItRalph interview with producer and director
In the film, you also see many characters you recognize from other video games, like Bowser from Mario World, Pac man, Sonic the Hedgehog and more. We asked how many references they used. Rich Moore responded that they used hundreds because they started with characters from other games. Clark Spencer told us that they "tried to do it on multiple levels" in a way where if you know video games, you'd know what you're looking at but it'd also still appeal to those who didn't know the games. Then comes the question of how they were able to use the characters, right?
Wreck It Ralph director, Rich Moore, producer, Clark Spencer
Producer Clark Spencer took this question first, explaining that they "had to ask companies if they could license the characters and use them. Their (The companies) biggest question was to keep the character in an organic way to represent their actual character." Rich Moore (director) elaborated telling us that it "began with sitting down and explaining the movie, talking about the characters." And of course, Rich Moore said, "Pac man has got to be in there." I agree, Pac man is just too classic of a character!

To keep the characters in their original personality, all the assets were shared back and forth. This allowed for the "respective companies comment on whether if it was the way they saw their character."

My favorite parts of the whole interview though was when Rich said that they made a "conscious decision to have strong female characters and the roles" and Clark said, "Ultimately, these characters would accept who they are. Don't try to be something you're not." These are both great points of the film. It taught wonderful qualities while providing quality entertainment...music to my ears! Check it out in theaters November 2nd.

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Sandy VanHoey said...[Reply]

Don't try to be something you're not...I love that because that happens in life so often. Love Pacman also!

The Rebel Chick said...[Reply]

What an exciting event!! I love that you got to interview them, that's pretty amazing! :)

Ellen said...[Reply]

I love that advice. Really can't wait to see this movie.

Marina@EBMR said...[Reply]

I love reading about the heart behind each character....so much fun!!

Cecile said...[Reply]

I so want to see this movie! I am going on Thursday and I think it will be great fun!

Bekalee314 said...[Reply]

great idea for a movie. i can't wait to see this with my kids. 3D! because it will be so colorful and out of this world

Unknown said...[Reply]

You asked good questions and I am glad they answered them

Jeannette said...[Reply]

Awesome questions and this looks like such a cool movie - I can't wait to check it out with the kids!

Caffeinated Momma said...[Reply]

Very interesting post and what a great opportunity to be able to do an interview like that!

Unknown said...[Reply]

This is like DVD special features! :-)

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