Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to draw #WreckItRalph's fists Part 2 -The Punch #DisneyMoviesEvent

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During our Wreck-It Ralph Press Day a while back, we learnt how to draw animated characters with Renato dos Anjos (Head of Animation on Wreck-It Ralph) and Kira Lehtomaki (Animator). Last week, I showed you how to draw the "I'm Gonna Wreck It" fist pose. This week we'll learn how to draw Wreck-It Ralph's Punch.

Again, let's start with the drawings by hand. Haha, it's a little embarrassing but not too bad!
How to draw Wreck It Ralph's punch
Now, here is my drawing from the computer. It's always easier to draw straight lines with drawing tools! I guess you could use a ruler when you draw by hand to make the lines straighter.
#WreckItRalph punch drawing tutorial
Here's last Wednesday's post on How to Draw Wreck-It Ralph's Fists.

Watch it in theaters November 2nd.

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Unknown said...[Reply]

Sharing this series with my 11 year old! I have no clue where he got his artistic abilities from but I'll find some way to take credit :)

Lindsey said...[Reply]

This is cute! Love the series and can't wait to see more!

Ellen said...[Reply]

Very cool! My son loves drawing and this looks fairly simple.

Unknown said...[Reply]

Haha, that's cool! My 9 year old would love this.

Sandy VanHoey said...[Reply]

Wish I could draw can't seem to draw a stick. It looks easy though and I love watching people draw

Caffeinated Momma said...[Reply]

Cool post, thanks! My kids would love this.

Unknown said...[Reply]

Awesome.. I'm an artist!

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