Sunday, October 14, 2012

#Petco tricks and treats for #Halloween

JR & BabyPom: Well, it's been awhile since we got to post but with Halloween coming up, our friends at Petco sent us some Halloween goodies. Stuff to make us look cute, keep us safe when we go trick or treating, and protect our teeth after the treats. Want to see?
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BabyPom: First, I need to look cute so that I can go trick or treating! Mom forced the mermaid outfit on me although I'm a boy. I'm trying to see what she put me in in that picture up there. Then she picked something much better for me to wear. Roar! Here me roar! I'm a lion! Suits me, right?

JR: Then there's the safety items for when we go trick or treating. We were sent a Safety Glo Leash and Collar. This is pretty pawriffic. It doesn't need batteries and charges through solar power or USB so technically, mom could walk us in the morning and charge the batteries. It takes 3 hours to charge fully by USB or 8 hours of direct sunlight. Once charged, we'll have awesome LED lighting our way to the houses for a good 2.5hours. I hope we can get enough treats by then!

JR & BabyPom: Then after all our treating, we've got a Sentry Play Powzer Flash-N-Dash Ball to play with and prevent any weight gain! It has a little light inside it light inside it that flashes on impact for 20 seconds. Mom's impressed because it's supposed to last for 70 hours of fun. But that wasn't her favorite...her absolute favorite was the Tropiclean LiquidFloss and trifloss ball. The LiquidFloss can be used on any rope toy but the triflossball is actually specially designed to massage our gums, floss our teeth and make our breaths smell nice.

BabyPom: Mom's supposed to play tug of war with us for it to work best but JR just wanted to chew on it. At any rate, it'll help take care of plaque and tartar for her. I wonder if they have one in my size too.

JR & BabyPom: Thanks for checking us out again. Come back soon for more of our reviews.

Paws out,
JR and Baby Pom

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Tara said...[Reply]

LOL - Love the mermaid costume! I'm in Petco at least once a week for feeder fish for my oscar, so I will have to take a look!

Unknown said...[Reply]

We have a Halloween costume for our dog. It's a pumpkin!

Jeannette said...[Reply]

That is too cute! Your dogs are precious! And what cute Halloween treats!

Emily Reviews said...[Reply]

So cute! I'm not sure any of my pets would leave costumes on for very long I'd love to get a calmer pet that is fine with it someday.

Pam said...[Reply]

JR and Baby Pom are adorable in their costumes. :)

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